Sunday, October 7, 2012

Formspring # 7

Someone asked me if I had any ideas about getting a discreet collar for everyday wear.

Personally, I like the chain-mail necklaces (the link will take you to a page of Google images).

There are many different styles, and a pendant can change the look of the whole thing. I have only gotten compliments on mine and never any questions. Most are designed with a nickel link in the clasp chain so it will break if it gets yanked on hard enough or caught on something.

If you can find one made out of silver, it will be quite expensive, and the stainless steel will turn your neck green. Depending on the size, they can also be somewhat heavy.

I have been drooling over an eternity collar for some time. Not having ever worn one, I have no idea how comfortable they are to live in. Though I have read some complaints about their comfort level lol.
And I do think that staying away from O rings and going with some other kind of pendant changes the look of everything collar related.

This is one where I'm thinking readers might have some ideas and perhaps even links to online retailers. *Bats eyelashes nicely.

There is also the idea that something doesn't absolutely have to be a collar to have the same meaning. Anklets, bracelets, or a necklace purchased for the purpose of symbolizing the collar work just as well. It's the thought and intent that the jewelry exists and is worn solely for said purpose that counts.

I would also keep in mind that a lot can be chalked up to eccentric taste in jewelry. I think that people very rarely think twice about collar style jewelry--most of them don't associate it with D/s because they really have no clue that there might be meaning behind it.


  1. Here are 2 retailers that i would recommend, i have used them in the past to make purchases and found both of them really good.


  2. Ooh, no recommendations but I love that eternity collar too and the chainmail...

  3. Eternity collars are still the best long term option and frankly no one cares what you are wearing most of the time. The other times are well documented on the blog under 'collars'. The best custom maker of collars is Ring of Steel. They are fabulous to deal with.

    1. yea ring of steel is where Master got my collar and cuff set

  4. i have an one like an eternity collar, i forget where my Master bought it at i will ask him later and post a link for you but i know it was under a hundred dollars for the collar alone, but i also have the bracelets. and as far as comfort goes i liked mine a bit tight around my neck i can turn it in a full circle and Master can get a good grip on it as well but i find it very comfortable.
    i love my collar and i haven't had mine off in nearly a year. wait i take that back in june this year had a miscarriage and had to have it off for a few hours but still i couldn't imagine not wearing mine. Also i have the o ring but also have a heart in front of the o ring which hides it nicely, the heart is modeled after the Tiffany heart but im allergic to silver and nickle so my collar bracelets and the heart and everything else for that matter that Master gets metal is stainless steel.

  5. Thank you ladies!
    Sneaks off to the corner to begin compiling my Christmas wish list...


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