Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Morning Much Like Any Other

It's a quiet morning here. Too cold to snow, the sun shines across the valley with echoes of warmth not quite achieved. He's playing chess, and I'm contemplating wrapping presents while the boys aren't here.
The house is cold and quiet, except for the familiar sounds of the radio, its familiar DJ introducing songs and going on about the weather.
Yet, there is an unusual quiet beneath the soft drone in the background.

A quiet of expectation and possibility.
Of anticipation and promise.
Like a current underneath the surface, this is not an empty quiet.
It is a soft quiet with hard edges, a step from the edge.
A quiet with depths as yest unseen.

It is an unassuming morning, much like any other. Except that here soon, I will shower, paying special attention to details. He cares about the details. He will notice each line where the razor missed a hair, the scent of...Everywhere.
The details matter because later, he will spread me wide and explore every single inch with a critical and attentive eye.

It is an unassuming morning, much like any other. Yet there is promise in the air. Promise that comes only when beautiful day and deviant night collide to make a glorious new dawn.

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  1. Wow Lil, beautiful as always. Love the last line and the pic!


    1. Thank you Roz!

      I have seen many incarnations of that picture floating around, with and without captions, but it always evokes a certain feeling...

  2. Glorious new dawn - beautiful description.

  3. Oh the anticipation! I really do enjoy it... once it is over.

  4. Hope are your dreams became a reality. Lovely words as always.

    1. Sunnygirl,
      thank you! It was a lovely day.

  5. I hope you were able to re-connect and re-establish in all the right ways.

    1. gg,
      that really is the thing, isn't it? The right ways are not always what I think they are...Sometimes those are the very best though. It was a loevely quiet day. Ad yes, in all the right ways.

      I hope that you are well.

    2. I love feeling that heady anticipation....hope it came out how you wished ;o)

    3. Bleuame,
      Ooh yes, that heady anticipation is rather intoxicating. It was a good day.


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