Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Killing Turkey...?

Alpha caught me...I play a bit of a Grinch come this time of year, sneaky $%^*^& that he is, he called me on it, and accused me of being excited about Christmas. How dare he! She says before sneaking off to slip on her super comfy Grinch pants and stare at the tree.

I haven't cooked a turkey in years. Lots of years. And as I peer doubtfully at the suspiciously rock-like turkey in my sink, I am doubting the wisdom of doing so now. I am 90% sure that it will be defrosted by tomorrow. Never mind that I had dreams about scraping frozen guts out of it...

There was a time when our house was full for holidays. Not anymore. It'll just be us and my mom this year. But one of the things I picked up from my mother in law, was going all out, no matter how many are celebrating. So I'll be making double layer chocolate cream pie, cherry crisp, deviled eggs for the devil, and among other things, a 16 pound turkey which I may have to kill again if it doesn't soften up here soon.

The house is clean, the tree is well stocked, and the kids are healthy (for now. Another night like last night and well...)
Really, I'm soaking up the holiday feeling of semi-relaxation before my week of driving and cursing Those Who Should Never Drive On Mountain Roads In Snow.

Now I had better go exercise...That pie isn't going to eat itself tomorrow.


  1. Pie Assistance available upon request!!

    Have a wonderful day, sunshine. :-)

    1. Jz,
      Still have half of one that I am avoiding eating fro breakfast!

      Thank you! I hope that your week has improved tremendously, and that this last week of the year turns out to be totally awesome. Failing totally awesome, peaceful without incident is also good...

  2. i like pie! i do not do scraping turkey guts. It's ham for us.

    Having little kids is forcing me to not be Grinch-like this year, though i really want to with Master gone. Christmas is more His holiday (i claim Halloween!). it's really hard to be merry when your other half is thousands of miles away. But i'm trudging through it for them.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, lil!

    1. scarlet,
      sadly enough, I could not find the guts (this is a historical failing of mine).

      Oh yes, I would imagine that would be difficult! I hope that you ended up having a good day anyways.
      Thank you!

    2. One year i could have sworn that i removed the packet of gizzards and stuff and then found it after the turkey was done. Ooops. lol

      nope, my Christmas sucked...trying to figure out a way to put a slightly humorous spin on it so it doesn't come out as pure pity party.

  3. If the turkey is still frozen, put in a sinkful of cold water and change every hour or so. It will be ready for tomorrow.

    I'll be there for dessert.

    Have a wonderful holiday and relax enough to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    1. sunnygirl,
      saved you some!
      I hope that you had a lovely Christmas.

  4. LOL, Deviled eggs for the devil!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you, Alpha and the kids! By the sounds of it, it's sure to be a good one!

    1. Sarah,
      hey, evil needs food too. Lol.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, Sarah. I hope that you had a lovely day.

  5. 'Double layer' chocolate cream pie?... I'm coming to your house for Christmas!

    Hope all of you have a great time!

    1. Misty,
      here's the recipe if you ever want to try it:


      Hope you had a lovely day!

  6. Good luck with the turkey Lil :) I'll be there for desert too! Wishing you, Alpha and family a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful time.


    1. Roz,
      it worked out great. Thank goodness

      Hope that you and your had a lovely holiday.

  7. Replies
    1. ksst,
      I may have enjoyed it a bit too much lol.

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  8. After reading this and comments, better make it a 30 lb turkey. Oh, and a few pies. We are descending on your place. We are doing a Christmas Story dinner - chinese food. I'm a total grinch this year. Mainly, no one in this house gives a frack so why should I?

    1. His slut,
      you guys really didn't live up to expectations--there's still half of a pie left!?

      Awww, I hope that you had a good day anyways.


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