Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pride and Humility

I have been pondering the concept of humility for a while now, and I think that it is essential and integral to submission. That might sound a bit odd, given that blogging seems to be somewhat of an inherently narcissistic activity, but I digress. As usual...

Humility is a concept found in religions across the world, ranging from Catholicism to Buddhism. As such, interpretations vary.
From my perspective, humility is a state of being. Something which perhaps transcends the ideology of religion and comes to rest at the feet of spirituality. Without it there is no true surrender, no trust, no acquiescence.

To truly hand over the reins and trust him to lead the way is an act of humility--without it we cannot let go of our attachment to our own decision making, we cannot really accept that another is as good as, if not better than we are, at directing our lives.

Humility is letting go of self enough to revel in the pleasure of another.
Humility does not want, nor is it overly concerned with self.
Humility does not not struggle for control.
Humility makes room for the will of another.

To submit is an act of humility.
To be a slave is to humble oneself at the feet of their Master.
Surrender is having the humility to let go of the importance of being right.

Now pride on the other hand, pride is a far cry from humility isn't it? I know it ranks pretty high up there on the list of seven deadly sins, but so does lust, and I'm currently trying to cultivate a bit more lust in my life. So no worries there.

Pride is a tricky beast. On the surface, it interferes with humility, and contributes to arrogance. Pride really is often present before the fall, and there's nothing quite like an overabundant ego to ruffle feathers.

Pride says that it's too good for humility because pride knows best.
Pride inhibits growth by refusing to admit fault.
Pride is never wrong because pride knows best.
Pride makes the same mistakes over and over again because perfection needs no evolution.

Yet...Pride is not always a negative concept. It's kind of like love, in that it takes on many varied forms.

If one takes no pride in a job well done, then why bother?
If one cannot be proud to serve on their knees, how can one bear to stay there?
If one takes no pride in the one they submit to, how then does one yield to that person?

Pride allows us to reach for our full potential.
Pride motivates us to submit with grace.
Pride in our owners gives us the faith to surrender all that we are.

Pride and humility work best hand in hand.
It is pride and humility which give the phrase "Good girl" its appeal.
It is pride and humility which allow for the seeming contradiction of queen and slave.
It is pride and humility together, which  give us the confidence to submit and the acceptance of its necessity.
It is pride, hand in hand with humility, which allows us to seek our full potential in slavery.

Pride without humility becomes hubris. Humility without pride sees no reason to reach for one's full potential.

Yet together, pride and humility are a dance of antonyms, much like Dominance and submission.


  1. sigh...i just love reading your posts, lil.

  2. Deep thoughts and expressed beautifully as always.

    1. sunnygirl,
      Thank you! You're too sweet. As always!

  3. thank goodness i've had my coffee. you always write so beautifully about such complex ideas.

    1. Fondles,
      you ladies really do know how to make a girl smile in the morning!
      Thank you.

  4. oh my GOODNESS. this is EXCELLENT. Yes yes yes.

    1. mc kitten,
      thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Yet again, I come here, read your post and it makes beautiful sense. Then I leave and after a while it runs out of me like sand through a sieve and I have to come back and read it again. Do I mind... nope.

    1. DelFonte,
      You put a grin on my face that I'm pretty sure really does stretch from ear to ear. I may have to read this comment several times....

      Thank you.


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