Thursday, December 12, 2013

Glitchy Bitchy Blogger

Blogger is punishing me for my inability to shut up--it won't let me comment at all. Here, there, or anywhere!

I know that there are comments waiting for responses, but Blogger is being a glitchy bitch. Apparently, it thinks I need a lesson in keeping my mouth closed...


On a (mostly) unrelated note, I just wanted to say that I am grateful for my readers. In the beginning of this blog, I thought that being grateful for one's readers meant caring about the numbers and letting them dictate one's writing, so I questioned the value of feeling that way.

My perspective has changed. The question became, why am I grateful for my readers? It isn't about the numbers. Indeed, if I had to say there was one scary thing about blogging, it would be the number of people who read the thoughts out of my head that find their batty tenacious way to the page.

I am grateful for the fact that I can have a shitty week and come here to drown my sorrows in self-pity, but some brave and lovely soul (or two, or three) will come along with a smart-ass, sarcastic comment that makes me laugh out loud.

I am grateful for the ideas. Sweet Goddess, the ideas! Do you ever stop to think how amazing it is? The ability to share your ideas with such a vast range of humanity while simultaneously having access to concepts and inspiration from across the globe with a cumulative scope of thought and understanding far beyond what one mind could ever hold...It's incredible!

I am grateful, and most of all humbled, by those women who stop by and they say something beautiful about my crazy place being a life raft, or my words somehow setting off one of those light-bulb moments...Seriously, sometimes you make me cry. Sometimes I fall to my knees at my Master's feet, asking how this could ever be because I'm just faulty little me. And he tells me that perhaps it's because I never pretended to be anything more than that...

Sometimes I think those moments of connection happen because out here in this endless sea of humanity, some way, somehow, we find what we need. We make those little connections, find those tiny inspirations, read those occasional sentences that sing to our souls--and we reach out. Because we can.

I am grateful for the insights I have been given. I am sometimes awed by the humility with which I have been offered the most incredible and evolutionary thoughts and ideas...

I am grateful for having this place where I can bare my soul on a page
let my mind flow into words
admit that for all it's tenderness, my soul holds a deep and abiding rage
I am grateful for the companionship of minds like mine
the voices that whisper softly across virtual pages
of their dreams, triumphs, and tears
of their fears, successes, and the toll of passing years.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be someone's candle in the dark, the light that beckons and says, "There are others like you, and you need never be truly alone."
I am grateful for the feeling in my bones when I know that I am not alone. Because I love my Master deeply, but he is not like me. He knows not what it is to crave the gift of being on one's knees, that overwhelming desire to please, the soul-consuming need to surrender all that one is and might become...

And I guess that I'm grateful for glitchy bitchy Blogger too. Because it gave me this page, this amazing place, this ongoing opportunity to empty my mind and unburden my soul.

Though, don't expect not to hear a considerable amount of bitching if glitchy bitchy doesn't get over this particular issue soon. It's your own fault for continuing to come back for more. lol


  1. Since we all have good days and bad, it's only reasonable the Blogger will have some bad days too. The good news is, it likely won't last long. :)

    It nice to finally read that you aren't "Holier than Thou" and that you are humble. I was worried there for a while that you might think you were the poster child for submissives. :p

    In all seriousness, very touching post. I'm sure there are HUNDREDS that are grateful for you saw well.

    Have a better day, would ya!?!

    1. Sarah,
      Blogger is somewhat predictable in it's unpredictability, isn't it?
      Finally?! Pft.

  2. Oh, lil! I'm so glad that you have this place too! You are a light that shines bright in this part of the world. You have a very special gift, a gift to put words into the exact places that they should be. And that combined with your honesty and your need to be all that your Master wants/needs... well, it's just special.

    1. You, Misty, are far too sweet.
      Thank you. Really. I appreciate your kind thoughts more than you know.

  3. You made me cry. I love my little corner of the blogoverse. It's the neighborhood, my neighbors are really special. Neighbors become friends, then I read you pouring your soul out, and you articulate your innermost thoughts so well that I recognize myself there in you, and you go from friend to family.

    And now i have the Mr. Rogers song running through my head... It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a beauty...

    This is a beautiful post, Lil.

    1. Aww, lm! You got the feeling with which the post was written.

      Thank you, thank you!
      Except, no thanks for the Mr. Rogers song in my head...It's stuck.

  4. Glad you're here lil. Love your words, your humor, your rants.

    Blogger is a bitch, sometimes bitchier than others.

    1. Thank you, sunnygirl. I am glad to be here.

  5. Oh i love it here lil, and right back at you with what you said on my post...i really think you should holiday in the UK...i can do coffee! lol

    Now.....a favour please, could you please tell me here or via email how the hell i get those tabs at the top of know like the ones you have?

    i will need an idiot guide, coz im really not great with computers lol


    1. tori,
      I'd love to holiday in the UK...I can't seem to make it past the state next to me though, lol.

      I sent you an email. Let me know if it made sense--I'm not known for my tech smoothness.

  6. You are real, lil, you are raw, you are honest, whether happy or bitchy ..always honest. You keep it real. What could be better than that???

  7. you know, maybe blogger just needs a good ol spanking!

    hope your tech issues go away soon!

    1. Fondles,
      I wouldn't doubt it--constantly misbehaving!

  8. I come here to read your words. It's a simple as that. Though I should point out your words aren't simple. They do require caffeine some mornings. Or cake. Or both.

    1. DelFonte,
      I knew you just wanted me for my pretty words!

      Hmm, I want cake and coffee for breakfast...

  9. Lil,
    Gorgeous post!

    I'm mighty glad you have this place.


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