Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tis the Season...

I'm sitting here, alone with that first glorious cup of coffee, wondering why I feel the need to blog every day. Even if I don't really have anything to say. I think it's because I have this irrational fear that if I stop, even for a moment, all inspiration will immediately dry up and vanish, and I'll never write anything again.
But the coffee is good.

We're dropping the boys off with my mom tomorrow, and I'm finding myself to be quite nervous already. Remind me again why I want time alone with that big scary man?
I've really been struggling with this whole tightening of the reins thing. I figure that I'm due one of those epic splats that I do so spectacularly well.

I keep telling myself that
But...I like comfort! Oh yea, I want a man that pushes the limits, that's too much for me, that wants to take me further than I'm willing to go. Ha! Ongoing moment of insanity that one. I'm having growing pains in a big way.

I'm kind of dreading the week after Christmas...I volunteer as an assistant coach at the boys chess club, and I was able to get them both into a five day chess camp. For the small cost of coaching a group of ten or so little kids during said camp (trust me, I'm actually getting a great deal here). But..It's five days of driving to town very day. That's about fifteen hours of drive time...And children are really much cooler when you can take them out to the car and turn them over your knee...
It is interesting to me how few women/girls seem to play chess. Of all the kids I work with, there's only one girl. I do wonder why that is...

I'm afraid that Thing1 is going to try calling on Christmas...Thing2 was playing message girl the other day, "Thing1 says she loves you guys!" I ignored it. Inside I'm thinking, "We love her too. Doesn't change a damn thing". There is no going back over the lines she crossed, and she knows it. There will be no happy reunion or mending of family fences. Meh meh.

Now that we have that out of the way...

Did I mention that I'm having terrible growing pains? The man's making me claustrophobic. I wanna kick him in the shins and run away.
And just in case anyone gets any bright ideas about logic...



  1. Love the e-card. Three hours a day to town, wow - you are intrepid.

    1. sunnygirl,
      Intrepid...I like that! Yea, lets go with intrepid--it sounds so much better than crazy.

  2. From One Sub to AnotherDecember 19, 2013 at 8:37 AM

    Yeah I felt exactly the same way on the plane coming over to see Him. Up until 4 days ago I hadn't seen my Dom in 5 months; the nerves were going to make me pass out! I had pretty much the same thought: remind me why I want to go see a big scary man who hasn't been able to get his hands on me for 5 months! I don't think the reins could be any tighter right now, but They are sneaky and I'm probably wrong lol.

    1. From one sub to another,
      reins have a way of doing the oddest things. Sometimes, it's almost like a magic trick...
      Hope that you are enjoying your time!

  3. i'm the biggest contrary mary ever, I feel in you a bit of a kindred spirit maybe?!

    GOOD LUCK for the weekend, is all I'm saying xx

    and those last two pictures - perfect!

    1. mc kitten,
      lol, thanks--I'll need it.

      I try so hard not to be contrary...For some reason, "Trying" does not always equal success...

  4. Hi there!
    Long time lurker, first time commenter!
    Your posts always make me smile, because I relate to so much of what you say. Many a "duh" moment has been induced by a post, or just a giggle and a nod.

    I am flying home for Christmas to see my own Thing one and Thing two. (Yes, I am nervous about how this interaction will go.)

    Just remember, phones can be put on silent ;)

    1. Goblin Gal,
      Nice to see you de-lurk!

      Good luck with your Thing1 and Thing2--those critters are trouble!

  5. Hey Lil, love the pics! Oh yes, the nerves and remind me why I want time alone with this big scary man ... I get that! um .. good luck ? :)


    1. Roz,
      Thank you, I'll need it! and possibly some ointment...


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