Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rant Most Likely...

A couple of weeks ago my former client committed suicide. I'm helping the family out a bit in an attempt to make sure his complete bitch sister doesn't give my former co-worker a heart attack (literally). Okay, no biggie, took it in stride.

Friday I found out that the man I considered to be the best math teacher on the planet passed away after forty years of teaching. Phenomenal man--he deserves his own post. I cried. Took it in stride. Not the worst thing that could have happened, still hanging in strong.

Last night at 1 am we get a call from thing2--not only has thing1 run off with the asshole who beat the crap out of her, but she showed up in the middle of the night completely tweaked, and removed babygirl from the care of a reliable, three month pregnant young woman.
The cops made our friend release babygirl to thing1.

Okay, that one's a biggie.
Really really big. Really really bad.

So here's me this morning with a raging headache, a cup of coffee, and my phone, trying to figure out how the hell to protect a kid that isn't mine from a mother who wants to mainline her life away and take her kid down with her.

There's a lesson here, I know there is...All I got is beat the teenage troublemaker before she reaches her majority, and have abusers broken the first time around so there's no second go.

Doesn't sound very zen does it? It does however, sound rather reasonable from where I'm sitting.


  1. Sending you hugs Lil. You've had a very hard week. Keeping you in my thoughts

    Fondly, Sky

  2. I'm so sorry - that's an awful lot to go through at one time. Sending hugs and energy,


    1. aisha, thank you. I have come to think that "when it rains it pours" might be a bit of an understatement lol.

  3. To Hell with zen, Honey. Sometimes you just gotta cope the way you gotta cope. Meet me in the front yard, we can scream at people together.

    Oh, and bring more coffee.

    Hugs, Lil, lots and lots of them.

    1. lm, you rock. This made me giggle. I have three pounds of coffee in the cupboard. Should hold us for a bit huh?
      hugs and thanks.

  4. I am so sorry. Wish I could help. I know it is a very hard thing to do but you have to let go. If you can't fix it or control it you have to let it go before it does you in. Do what it is you have to do. Thoughts and prayers are with you for a positive outcome for all concerned.

    1. sunnygirl, thank you for your thoughts.


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