Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coconut Cake Galore

Okay, so I received three links to coconut cake recipes, which left me with the dilemma of which one to use. I am somewhat ashamed to admit the selection criteria I settled on: Whichever one used forms of measurement that I was familiar with and didn't have to convert.
Lazy, I know.

Here's the one I ended up making:
I think that I had some altitude issues with it, because it came out pretty dense, and a little less coconuty than I had thought. But it was really good, and it went well with the icing for German chocolate cake, (I could just eat that stuff by the spoonful) and the lime curd (though the curd was eye-rollingly tart).

I made coconut ice cream too , and it was like...Almost more coconut than a coconut lol. All together it was pretty damn good!

For anyone who is interested in experimenting, here are the other two recipes I was sent:
I haven't tried either of these yet, but I do have some leftover coconut... 

Thank you to the lovely ladies who sent me the recipes!


  1. Sounds like a great culinary experience, lil! I'm salivating at the very thought!

    1. Jake,
      have you figured out how to transfer cake via the internet yet? Because there's still some left!


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