Monday, March 4, 2013

lil and the comfort zone crash

My clothing comfort level revolves nicely around jeans and tank-tops. Preferably in black or shades of green.
In an effort to avoid the stress that comes with shopping on my own and having him reject my choices after purchasing them, I got him to go shopping with me.

One of his choices was a v-neck long velvet dress.

Yesterday we went out dancing, and he decided I would wear the dress.

I can't remember the last time I wore a dress. And v-neck items aren't really featured in my closet (I lack the cleavage to really make them awesome).

So I dug in my heels. And I moaned and complained excessively a bit.
And I felt like a half-naked dork that stood out like a sore thumb.
There might have been a narrow escape involving having to add a butt plug to the ensemble...

Over the course of the night, some woman in the bathroom stopped just short of trying to remove the dress because she wanted it...I am happy to say that I escaped fully clothed. Probably because she had correctly assessed that it was not her size...

Then I danced for a while...And I discovered that I really like dancing in skirts it wasn't so bad.
Alpha decided that pants do have more groping perks than dresses.
I decided that I'm not wearing pants out dancing anymore because it's more fun dancing in skirts.

Odd things happen when one is shoved rudely outside of their comfort zone...


  1. Sometimes change is good and that little push is needed and you realise that yeah this is great...sometimes not!

    I wear mostly dresses and skirts, the bossman does not like me in trousers (excepting work) sometimes on rare occassions he will concede to them at home...and as i was someone that was a total jeans and t shirt person it was a huge adjustment.

    But then i have to say it because i think its odd..i have never seen the bossman in jeans..never! he doesnt and hasnt ever possessed any! tell me that is not normal is it?

    Enjoy the benefits of dresses lol


    1. It's funny...Daddy rarely wears jeans. He will if he's tackling a project, or if he's doing something in the yard...but really it's rare for him. Most times he wears his khakis or slacks...during the summer he will wear shorts..but rarely made from denim...

      Honestly tho, mouse could easily live in denim. Lol...

    2. tori,
      Alpha doesn't own one single pair of jeans either lol.

      Before the kids were born,I wore a lot more skirts and dresses. But it's been a long's quite the adjustment lol.

      Like mouse, I could quite happily live in denim.

    3. Wait, what? Alpha doesn't own one pair of jeans??? Wow, I had him pegged wrong. I'm going to have to rethink my thoughts lol

    4. st,
      okay...He saw this comment come in and said he wears jeans all the time. I still say he doesn't.
      The debate it whether Carhartt work pants fall into the category of jeans.

      Who knew something so simple could be so highly interpretable? Lol.

  2. Pants might have more groping perks but nothing beats a warm hand sliding up under the hem the skirt. :)

    1. lm,
      as long as it's a hand you want sliding up! Lol.

  3. yeah i agree with little monkey. and i wrote somewhere else (can't remember where) that I actually bought 2 floral skirts recently! and it's all cos of BIKSS. (Not that he asked me to, it's just a cos-he's-now-in-the-picture thing LOL)

    1. Fondles,
      skirts I can adapt to, floral...Well...I doubt I'll ever be comfortable in it. Luckily, most of Alpha's clothing critiques revolve around shape not color lol.

  4. Daddy picks out my clothing most of time and one is lucky he likes dresses, skirts and jeans so there is a variety. The big change was that the tightness of the clothing. Baggy clothing was always worn because one was trying to hide some self percieved fat. Went from wearing size ten jeans with a belt to a size six that was really the right size.

    It was uncomfortable at first but now there are lots of compliments as well as comments about people never noticing one was so small.

    It's amazing the things you learn about yourself once you get pushed out of your confort zone.

    1. dancingbarez,
      Usually, Alpha has no interest in picking my clothing, thought, if he doesn't like it, I just don't wear it...
      leaving the comfort zone can be a real bitch, but the results can be quite interesting...

  5. This is awesome. My Master really likes skirts, so unless I'm home doing farm work (and sometimes even then) I'm wearing them most times. I've also gotten used to showing a lot more cleavage than I was previously comfortable with, in order to please him.

    1. ksst,
      do you wear skirts to take care of the chickens?! If so, hats off to your bravery...I'd be tempted to take a beating instead lol.

  6. Oh, and Tori, my Master does not own any jeans either. Khakis or dress pants only.

  7. Daddy will often take mouse far out of her comfort zone, with very mixed results. Lol.


    1. mouse,
      leaving the comfort zone can be quite a mixed bag can't it?

  8. I like dresses/skirts in wintertime. Summer not so much. I still like jeans though but there is a definite eroticism around the more feminine attire :)

    Dee x

    1. Dee,
      I tend to feel that skirts in the wintertime is cruelty...But I also told him it was abusive to put me in pig tails, so I might not be the best judge lol.

  9. :)

    It's the swishiness/swirliness of the skirts I think.

    I remember being quite little and being told that I was too "old" to twirl anymore.

    No we are not!

    Happy dancing lil.

    1. Susie,
      I agree--the swishy/swirly feeling is awesome.

      Too old to twirl?! Pfft, one can never be too old to twirl!


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