Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dirty Mind

I was recently introduced to the njoy...I must admit, I felt terribly misled for the first few minutes--I did not like it.
Not in the least little bit thank you very much. It hurt! No that he seems to mind--I keep telling him that I'm not a masochist...Doesn't seem to phase him much.
I got over it somewhere between that thought, and the mind blowing sex which occurred later.

I'm going somewhere with this, and it's quite far from any logical conclusions that might be drawn from my opening paragraph.

Every single time I see an njoy brand sugar packet, I giggle and think something juvenile and inappropriate.
Because I have a dirty mind (okay, some might say filthy, but there's no need to argue over semantics).

Oh yes--exploit me!

No good ever comes from letting a perfectly good dirty mind go unused!


  1. umm help me out in the uk..what is njoy? i googled it and im getting fake cigerettes!

    Im lost lol


    1. tori, my bad lol. I went back and put links into the post.
      I was talking about the njoy butt plug, and the njoy sugar is a popular brand of sugar here.
      I got fake cigarettes when I googled too--had to add the details to get the links lol.

    2. ahh thanks, now it makes sense i can get the reference lol

      I have never tried steel buttplugs (other than anal hook but thats not quite the same), its odd because i enjoy anal sex very much but im not too keen on buttplugs!


  2. It looks like a fun toy, but yes seeing a brand of sugar... Or any thing with the same name would make me giggle to myself, too, lol.

    1. Pet,
      Lol, yes--the packets seem to be on the table of every restaurant. It's a bit distracting.
      Nice to see you around!


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