Thursday, March 14, 2013

lil and the horrible terrible no good rotten mood

Do you ever think about something you did or said, and wonder how the hell your owner puts up with you?
Oh...Just me? Okay.

Sometimes I look back, (thinking hours here, not long term reflection--no need to give myself panic attacks) and wonder how I could possibly be such a shit and have him continue to put up with me.
Of course, "Put up with" is a relative and individually interpreted term...

The washer had decided that not only would it not complete the spin cycle, it would protest rinsing. So I was storming running around, wringing out laundry and kicking the washer (like you would never kick a stubborn appliance. Pft).

I was really just in a foul mood with life. The kids were making me wonder why humans don't eat their young, my hormones were trying to kill anything within throwing range, I was altogether irritating irritable with existence, and the laundry was that final layer of icing on the cake.

So what did he do? After informing me that my attitude was nowhere near acceptable, he single-handedly wrestled my evil poor washer into the back of his truck, (my presence was token--if it falls on you, I might be able to help get it off) took it to a repair guy, and paid to learn that the repair price would be slightly less than the cost of a new machine.

Then he came home and took irritable me and my eatable children out for the evening.

As I was getting ready and waiting for him to get back, I had this terribly painful moment of remorse...
I mean, I think that I might kill me if I had to live with me. But not only doesn't he kill me, he's actually quite in love with me (I always said that love was a strange beast).

The thing is, I wish I could catch myself in the moment. That first moment when I start to sour, before there's even a need for remorse.
He usually steps on my attitude the instant it starts to stray, but she's a squirmy little bitch, and can be difficult to pin down.

He's picking up the new washer today.
I'm making cream of broccoli/bacon soup with Caesar salad and probably an apology desert--I'm thinking brownies or coconut cream pie...
It works out.


  1. There are so many times I can feel a train wreck (argument, bad mood, etc.) coming and I am helpless to stop it. It's like the warning signs are written in a different language and once that train is on a certain track, there is no stopping. I blame it on hormones. lol. Luckily we have great men in our lives that love us unconditionally and help clean up the train wreck.
    Sorry your washer broke, but Yea! A new washer!!!
    PS Feel free to share the soup recipe. Sounds yummy!

    1. st,
      I know right, it's like seeing the light, but you know it's a train and you try to stop staring and get out of the way, but it runs you over anyways.

      Oh yes, I fully intend to do laundry tonight no matter what time he gets home lol.

      The soup is one of my favorites. It was originally cream of spinach--really you can do anything you want with the base. Here's the recipe:

      1/4 cup + 1 tsp butter
      1/4 cup + 2 TBS flour
      4 1/2 cups milk
      2 1/4 cups water
      4 cubes bullion (I use chicken)
      1 lb bacon
      4 or 5 potatoes, cubed and boiled until tender.
      as much broccoli as you want

      Chop bacon into pieces and cook until done. Drain.

      Melt butter and add flour. Whisk 2 minutes and add milk, water, and bullion. Stir occasionally.
      Once it thickens, add bacon, broccoli, and potatoes.
      Turn heat to low and let simmer about ten minutes.
      That's it!

  2. Ah I get this post completely lil and can so relate. We are human is all :)
    And, your dinner sounds delicious, I love Caesar salad :)

    Dee x

    1. Dee,
      Sometimes being human sucks! But it is nice not to be alone...
      I have cravings for salad lol.

  3. It's nice to know I'm not alone when it comes to attitudes getting out of hand. Lord knows I pay the price sometimes, if you find a good way of stopping it before it gets out of control...please do share! My Master is also pretty good at putting a stop to it as soon as the signs start showing up. I'd just love to be able to get a handle on it without him. Cheers!

    1. Havyn,
      I have gotten much better at stopping it, but that's not saying a whole lot lol.
      And I hear you on the wanting to be able to do it on your own--sometimes we just need that extra kick along I guess.

  4. Oh yeah, I have totally been there. Way to many times! We're all human, right?

    1. ksst,
      you know, I'm beginning to think that being human is terribly overrated in many ways lol.

  5. Oh girl, we have all been there. I've been there so many times I not only have the tee shirt, I think it's permanently tattooed somewhere on my person.

    Love the new background but I now know why Alpha doesn't like you moving furniture around. If he came home in the dark he would never know what would jump out and attack him. lol

    1. sunnygirl,
      *checks for hidden tattoo. Must be on my ass where I can't see it. Explains why I get whacked there with so many various objects...

      lmao! Alpha finds this to be a very reasonable statement.
      Whispers, was thinking about changing the background today, but maybe I'll hold off for just a little bit longer.

  6. We kick quite a few major appliances at our house. Not to mention various motor vehicles, power tools and the occasional electrical fixture. It seems to help keep them in line, though it can be hell on the toes.

    Sounds like all worked out despite the mood. Good for Alpha for navigating through the turbulence!

    1. Jake,
      I'm not allowed to kick the car! Unfair isn't it.

      Having to replace the computer and washer within a thirty day span was a bit brutal. And the children still expect food. And they say that I'm the unreasonable one!


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