Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Body and Mind

Physically, I have had an extremely unpleasant week. Given my mind's propensity to be doing the opposite of whatever my body is feeling, it's been a little...Odd.

While my body is finding new and unpleasant ways of betrayal, and doctors are trying new (to me) and unpleasant ways of discovering the cause of said betrayal, my mind has been having submissive breakthroughs, new and exciting thoughts about how D/s works, comfortable concepts about being a good girl, etc.
You get the picture--body and mind, as usual, are refusing to play nicely.

I think that after years of doing ttwd, things change. I know where he lines are, and am no longer interested in sticking my toe over them to get a reaction. Excluding those times when we are playing around anyways. What can I say, he's easily bored--can't have that now, can we? Complete acquiescence at all times is not something he finds interesting.

I have jury selection in a couple of hours, and that is seriously distracting my thought process.

Alpha's birthday is coming up very soon, and as usual I have the most wonderful of intentions...And absolutely no good ideas to back them up. More time together does not make these things easier. Thanks to him, I had an awesome birthday this year, and it's stressing me out that I can't seem to come up with a way to return the favor.

Oh...I have been staring at this for way too long. Best be finding something decent to wear. Cross  your fingers that they will find me to be unsuitable juror material.
My husband seems to think I have some kind of moral character that would make me a great juror...Such traitorous talk would be strictly prohibited if I was in charge around here!


  1. Doctors.... Hugs for being made to stand in for a guinea pig or test rat. Perhaps you don't feel that way, but I hate hearing, "Well, let's try this, this time, and see..." And maybe you'll see me in a few years, or maybe not... ;-)

    So, how did jury selection go? Fun, huh?


    1. Irishey,
      I'm fairly certain ct scans are far beyond the testing phase. Though I did wonder at the possible number of people they offed in that perfection process lol. Especially that horrid iv...

      Oh yes, it sucks monkey butts to hear "I dunno, lets try this!"

      Jury selection...As I pulled up to the building, they called me and said the trial had been cancelled.

  2. Oh i get being the lab rat lol, i have agreed to take part in trials for newly diagnosed diabetics....i figure if it provides answers that could help others im all for it.

    With Alphas birthday, perhaps trying to keep it simple, sometimes the most simple things mean the most...think about what he wouldnt expect from you? lol

    Oh yes how is the jury service going, i was called up earlier this year, but got out of it.


    1. tori,
      I hope it doesn't just help others, but that you get some health benefits from it too!

      I'm over obsessing about his birthday lol.

      Well, so far no trials--I'm on call until the end of August.

  3. Hi Lil,

    I'm sorry to hear about all the testing etc. I hope the doctor's come up with some answers and solutions soon.

    Oh I hate jury selection. I've been called some many times I've lost count, but have only served on a jury once. Thankfully the trial was only a couple of days. Hope it went the way you wanted.

    I'm with Tori re Alpha's birthday. Sometimes it's the simplest gestures that mean the most.


    1. Roz,
      thanks, me 2.

      I couldn't imagine there being a long trial here, this is a pretty uneventful place. *knocks on wood to avoid jinxing oneself*


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