Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Day that Wouldn't Quit

Yesterday was the day that just wouldn't friggin quit.

We got up at 4:30 AM...
Something about feeling as if we lived in the Sahara Desert because it stopped raining a couple of years ago, made us think that we didn't have to replace our roof this year. Yea, sleeping with a drip on the bed is somewhat distracting.

I thought there was great promise to rising so early though! Morning sex, workout, breakfast, run to the bank, run to town and do errands, be home by noon, make calls, have cake, curd, and icing made, and be kicking back with my feet up by 2:00.

Forty-five minutes at the bank, errands that took ridiculously long, home to make calls at precisely 1:00, you know--the moment everyone is gone to lunch. Made curd, made calls.
Ended up leaving for a completely different town for more errands and test results...Apparently, the symptoms I originally went for are still unexplained, but I do have the lumbar spine of an arthritic woman twice my age. Break out the party hats lol.
Got home at 8:30 and had cake done by 10:00. I really thought that I would have slept better last night...

But, not only is today a new day, it's my favorite day--Alpha's birthday. In fact, I am so enamored with his birthday, that I almost have him convinced that getting older is a good thing. I may have done so by pointing out that it means you're not dead, but that's just semantics, right?

We will be celebrating at home with steak tampiquena, a crab cream sauce and baked potatoes. Desert is the infamous 3 sticks of butter carrot cake with orange curd, chocolate ganache, and cream cheese icing.
I'm going to be working all that off until his birthday rolls around again...

Then Friday is our night out (said with trepidation and anticipation).

Oh yes, his birthday is my very favorite day, because even though my existence began years later, this is the date my life was born.


  1. Happy Birthday to Alpha!!
    LOVED the pic, had me rolling!

    have an amazing day!

    1. Atiyaluv,
      Thank You!
      Yea, That picture is the story of my life lol.

  2. Happy Birthday to Alpha

    Sorry your day didnt quite go as planned but all that can be put aside...you got cake..really high in calorie cake...that always makes a day a great day! lol


    1. tori,
      Yea, I'm not even doing the calorie math on that one lol. It's damn good though. Now if I can just stay away from the rest of it...

  3. Happy Birthday Alpha.

    That dinner sounds so delicious.

    1. sunnygirl,
      Thank you!
      I think I ate half a steak...

  4. Happy birthday, Alpha!!!! Good thing you have a chef in the house!!!

    Hope your day is/was great and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Alpha! I love your last sentence. I feel the same about D.

    What a really full day. I hope they can help you with your back. That wasn't the best news.

    My mom used to make ganache. Yummy. Your dinner sounds delicious.

    1. Irishey,
      thank you!
      The back...Yea, I'm on my own with that one.

      I put wayyyy to much ganache. In retrospect, I think one laye on top would work much better than a layer between each (of three) cake.

  6. Happy Birthday to Alpha. Enjoy your time :)
    And what a delicious sounding menu!!

    Dee x

    1. Dee,
      Thank you!
      It was quite good. Thankfully, I don't cook like that every day, or i would be like 500 pounds lol.

  7. Happy belated Birthday Alpha! That dinner sounds devine! I hope you both enjoyed!!

  8. Happy belated Birthday Alpha! I hope it was a wonderful day!

    I love your last sentence Lil and the pic cracked me up. Sorry your day didn't quite go as planned.


    1. Roz, thank you!
      That pic is my life lol.

  9. I love the last sentence too - the day your life was born.

    And a belated Happy Birthday to Alpha.



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