Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Importance of Good Grades

I was generally hated in college because of my obsession with good grades. Think ocd chipmunk who would rather die than not collect all the nuts.
Yea...Group projects were the bane of my existence.
But, from a somewhat different perspective...

See, I knew grades were important!


  1. Good grades and a good girl. Way toooo much good. lol

  2. A's. And what was the point after all? I got them too, but alas, no one cares now.

    1. Kitty,
      well, we always have personal pride right?
      I do know what you mean though lol, I got pregnant before I finished my degree, so those grades didn't technically do anything for me.
      Though...I always had somewhat of a complex that I hadn't made it past fifth grade, so doing well in college worked wonders for my self esteem.


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