Friday, July 5, 2013


Not long ago, I discovered ebooks. And while I still have no intention of abandoning my precious "real" books, only the insane thumb their noses at free books.
Score one for the dark side.

Then I discovered online chess. Now, to be very clear, I have hated it for some time--it is Alpha's addiction you see. And being the attention whore that I am, I have a problem with hobbies which suck him in.
But then he showed me that you can play games where you have three days to make each move. Do you know what that means?! That means I can think about each move for hours. I can run through endless scenarios on how the game could play out. Then I can think some more!
Score two for the dark side.

Now I'm having dreams about being Dominated. New thing for me. So I wake up feeling all submissive, which is unusual because mornings are that time when he loosens the leash a bit so no one dies before coffee.
Very odd...
The world may not be the place I thought it was.

Dark side: 3
lil's convictions: 0


  1. I have the ever evolving, too raw to post, post in my drafts folder. The last thing I wrote there was "Nothing about(the subject) is what i thought it was". I guess we are both discovering why they refer to this as "down the rabbit hole".

    1. lm,
      it is certainly quite the journey isn't it?

  2. Interestingly enough - after several years on my Kindle, I am randomly going back to real books. You can read them during the plane taking off. Or something.

    But kink is easier to read on the e-reader. It just is.

    "so no one dies before coffee" LOL

    1. Kitty,
      nice to see you!
      Yea, I can see ho kink would be better read on an e-reader--if I had one, I could have avoided the whole 50 shades discussion with my chiropractor's office manager. That wasn't even the book I was reading...

  3. Yay Dark Side! There are some great free books and I agree with Kitty, kink is just easier on the kindle! No explanations to children, no awkward looks from adults...easier. Glad you are finding some new things to explore :)


    1. P,
      The dark side has its merits.


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