Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Husband Let A Stripper Molest Me, the Conclusion

Everybody was really okay with being left hanging?!

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, glowing uncomfortably.

We found seats towards the back, and he ordered us coffee and a margarita. Caffeine for him, alcohol for me. It's probably a good thing that a snail couldn't have gotten buzzed off that drink, 'cuz I may have later gone against his advice and asked one of the girls with fake boobs if she still had sensation in them...

Alpha is never satisfied with halfway. It's pretty much all out, or nothing at all (I don't know anyone else like that, nope).
So...Not only did I have to get a lap dance, I had to ask for it. But, I'm getting ahead of myself again.

One of my first realizations made me really happy. It's probably going to sound quite silly, but do you know how awesome it was to realize that I could still be a stripper??
Fine, laugh--it's okay.
There were a few with perfect bodies (I exaggerate not), but overall, they were surprisingly human.
Putting aside the logistics of hanging upside down by the ankles, I could totally fit in lol.


There was one, she had a quirky kind of pretty, and the words "Beautiful Mistake" tattooed on her leg. I asked her for my dance.
Why did no one tell me that strippers can do whatever they want to you??
It was a bit of a shock to find her starting at my neck and working her way down. And really, some warning that they can spread your legs and shove your dress up even further than it already is before breathing all over your twat, might have been nice! Okay, so maybe the warning wouldn't have helped. Still though...Did I mention that she smelled really nice and it took me two showers to stop smelling like a stripper?

Then we moved up by one of the stages, and stayed there for the rest of our time.

I'm gonna make a couple of observations here:
Jealousy factor is directly related to how I view other women. If I see them as equal or lesser to how I see myself, I'm not jealous. If I see them as perfection? I feel differently. Naturally he got a lap dance from one of the perfect ones...She was even his preferred height (which makes me look like an amazon). I thought it was very nice of him to later say that he didn't think she'd look as good as me after having 2 kids though lol. But I digress, as usual...
Men visiting strip clubs are not comfortable making eye contact with women who aren't stripping.
While I don't think that anyone can fault the girls who are planning tomorrow's grocery list while they dance, I do think that if you're going to do it, you might as well make as much as you can, and plotting your shopping in obvious boredom is probably not the best way to do so.
And did I already say how much I love being married to a man who can get totally turned on having a perfect naked woman rubbing all over him, then carry on a conversation about the potential scarring of a life of stripping and the human ramifications for the girls themselves?

So the first place was a blast. I admit it--I am not the prude I like to think I am, and I really did enjoy the environment where sexy was not only okay, but encouraged. And yes, the socially conscious part of me was rather happy to read all of the information on human trafficking that was plastered across the bathroom walls.

Around 1:30 AM (way past my bedtime), we ended up at strip club number 2. The first one was topless only (not that much is left to the imagination in a thong), and the second one was full nude.

I got thrown off my game before even making it in the door.
We were standing in line, with me slightly behind Alpha. He usually gets a fair amount of attention from big security guards because he's their size and they don't want any trouble from him. He was talking to the door guy when a sleazy little man sidled up to me and announced that I would be going in with him, and he'd get me in free. Now, if I had been a slightly different person, I might have taken him up on his offer and then just told him to fuck off when we got inside.
As is, I declined and glued myself to my husband.

The second club would not have been worth the door cover on a normal day. Really. The dancers were a bit too much on the younger side, I had a better body than most of them and probably equal dancing skills, lap dances were outrageous, and the floor was sticky.
But that night, they were featuring a woman who was not one of their a regular dancers.
Now, I don't find the whole pole thing a turn on, but I do find it impressive. Anyone who can do the splits along the side of a pole while hanging upside down ten feet in the air and holding on with their friggin elbows has major skills that I will never master. Turns out, it was worth the cover charge. And yes, I gave her extra points because I liked the duct tape across her mouth, the collar, and the cuffs--made me feel right at home.
She was good though. Really good. Think Circue Du Soleil meets naked woman with perfect body.
Seriously, how does one make the career move from Circue Du Soleil to stripper...?

All in all, a very interesting night.
Thing is, I like sexy.
I like being sexy.
And yes, I am a major like attention whore.
Honestly, I just never could quite figure out how to tone down sexy, so I turned it off.
But I think that sexy will be making a comeback around here.
I also think that my wardrobe is woefully lacking in high heels.
And if there was a pole in my bedroom, I would damn well learn how to use it. Minus the splits and that upside down shit--you have to admit, a wife who can cook is much sexier than one with a broken neck.

Though I do think that I could pull off a pretty good lap dance...Practice makes perfect right?


  1. Loved seeing a surpise ending today! Not sure I could've stuck through the first one without being sloppy drink and even then doubt the second one. If course I'd be passed out asleep before midnight so Id probably be left in the car!

    My husbands an all-or-nothing too. It can be frustrating! And we got a pole a long time ago. Seemed like a great idea at the time... We learned that wrists are fragile and shoulders aren't much better. Now there's gym mats around it and the kids use it for a firepole. It does make an interesting conversation piece though!

    1. chickadee,
      Lol--honestly, I can't remember the last time I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. I'm tempted to say that it was when I was in labor with our youngest, but that just sounds wrong.

      I'm sure it is a very interesting conversation piece!

  2. Bravo for bringing the sexy back!

    Glad you both had a good time. Sounds like a fun night with minimum drama and no doubt Alpha will ask for that lap dance sometime soon!


    1. faithful,
      Thank you!
      Actually, he said that he didn't think I could...Apparently he's appealing to the competitive "must prove you wrong" part of me. Not sure it worked...

  3. Sounds like you had a fun night and a learning experience to boot. I'm sure you are pretty sexy already. Sex, a good cook and a good body after two children, you are definitely at the top of the list.

    Good going girl.

    1. sunnygirl,
      awwww, you made me blush. Gonna give me a big head too lol.
      Thank you!!!

  4. It sounds like a very interesting experience. I found all those things in going to the strip clubs with my Master. He ordered me to get a lap dance, and I did enjoy it in some ways, but at the same time it made me uncomfortable. I kept thinking how I'd much rather be doing this with some one who wasn't paid to do it, so I could be sure she wasn't enjoying as much as I was, and not just doing an act. I dress conservatively, long skirt, so when she hiked it alllll the way up to THERE, she was surprised to discover no panties.

    Master absolutely loves the little tricks I picked up there on how to move, as well as to give lap dances to him.

    1. ksst,
      I think it is interesting when we look at it from an overall perspective of being a paid service. Like you said, it would be better if it wasn't an act. Though I wonder if that is a primarily female perspective, ie. men don't think about that as much...

      I narrowly avoided having to ditch my thong--I appealed to the germiphobe in him by pointing out how short the dress was, and that I REALLY needed something between my twat and the chair of the strip club lol.

  5. That's great lil! So glad you ended up enjoying yourself ;)


  6. Wow..great that it turned out to be a wanderful experience for you both, i have never been to a strip club and reading your account im intrigued but aware it would be out of my comfort zone..but thats not always a bad thing.

    Did you feel any sense of humiliation? i mean in a way you like?


    1. tori,
      it was VERY much outside of my comfort zone, but it turned out to be a really great experience.

      Hmmmm, humiliation...Maybe a bit in that I find it slightly humiliating to be the wife sitting there while a naked woman rubs all over my husband in front of a bunch of people.
      Not that I can explain the logic behind that...Come to think of it, I'm not really sure that what I just wrote actually makes sense...

  7. Hey Lil,

    Glad it ended up being a fun and interesting night. I'm sure Alpha will be looking for that lap dance soon too :)


    1. Roz,
      Thank you.
      He seems to be too busy being sure that I can't pull it off...

  8. From One Submissive to AnotherJuly 22, 2013 at 8:59 AM

    Sounds like a fun night lil. Every girl deserves a stripper and alcohol fuled night with her husband. I have a really similair story but i ended up on the stage, topless, with a stripper
    Umm i going to say making out with my boobs cause i really dont know how else to put it, and it wasnt even his birthday! In my defence he got me drunk and in his defence he is very indecent lol.

    1. From one sub,
      It was fun. Sounds like you might have had more fun...

      lmao @ your defenses! Whatever works!

  9. Sounds like a perfect night..I been to strip clubs years ago but they were with girl friends...yes I remember the smell they have glitter lotion or something...hmmm mayb I should ask Tyler if he wants to go

    1. Daisy,
      I have to go with the previous commenter on this-- every woman deserves a night out at a strip club with her husband!

      Yea, whatever they put on smells totally awesome.

  10. Oh wow!!! What a great night!! Aren't you glad Alpha chose this option?? Wasn't it worth all the "stress" before hand?
    You should post a picture of your sexy self (neck down of course) so we can see this glowy dress! ;)

    1. Sarah,
      oh yes!
      After word, it was proposed as a possible activity for my next birthday lol.
      the dress actually looks rather plain in the light of day. It's that damn black-light...

  11. I'm going with my wife (again) to a strip club. Last time she wore jeans and no bra with a loose shirt. The girls obviously played with her, but only in her seat. I want to suggest a mini dress with no panties/bra and sit by the stage so maybe a girl will pull her up and undress her. Do you think the no panties is a little too much knowing my end goal?

  12. I feel I should clarify. My wife is very attractive. Amazing body. 110lbs 32D. Clean shaven. Pretty downstairs.

    1. Jennifer,
      well, I'm not sure exactly what her looks have to do with it...But as whether or not it's too much, I think that really depends on your girl and whether or not the club is all nude.
      For me, it would be too much. Especially because there is a certain amount of ick factor as far as germs and such go.

    2. I know. The ick factor is my only reservation. I wonder if it would be tacky to bring a handkerchief for her to sit on


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