Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Art Form. Again?

I swear that there's a post very similar to this floating around here already...Hopefully my thoughts have evolved somewhat. I'm not digging around in the cobwebs to find out though.

I have moments when I feel singularly unaccomplished.
Other times, not so much.

I don't want to just be his.
I want to be really, really, really, good at it.

I can hear eyes rolling.

Seriously though, it's like owning well-made things, or cheap plastic crap. One high quality item is better than ten poorly made items that are going to break with a little bit of use.

No one wants to be cheap plastic crap lol.

Say that slavery was a state of being, and submission was an art form that expressed said state of being (yes, I'm making this up as I go).
Hold that thought (or throw your hands up and walk away in frustration, whatever works).

There are many art forms in the world, and so many possible examples to choose from--dance, yoga, martial arts, etc.
I'm gonna go with yoga though, because it's something that I do regularly.
At first it's terribly uncomfortable. The movements feel awkward, the positions seem unnatural, and overall, it's just not incredibly enjoyable. However, over time, the way we experience it changes--we flow smoothly from one position to another, the positions feel natural, and we are truly able to experience it as an art form; not just something uncomfortable that we push through in order to reach a certain goal.

When we become an expression of the experience itself, as opposed to experiencing the activity only for what it can do for us, we have reached the point where the experience can become an art form.

In the beginning, submission felt unnatural--something forced in order to achieve a goal, a reward oriented experience where the submission was more about the goal of whatever perceived award it would incur, than about submission itself.
As time goes by, and my state of mind changes, I see submission as an art form where the goal is to please, and the reward is the knowledge that I have pleased in a way that cannot be exactly duplicated by anyone else.

At first submission is uncomfortable, like a coat that doesn't quite fit, or pants that are slightly too tight.
That changes over time. But that's because, in the context of D/s, it's a verb, not a noun--in other words, submission is an action, not an inanimate object. And the more you submit, the more naturally it flows.
I am occasionally submissive
I am his slave.
Submission is not who I am, it is simply an art form that expresses our power exchange from my side of the arrangement.
An art form that is admittedly quite inelegantly performed at at times...


  1. That is a beautiful analogy. I agree, it is an art form.

  2. Beautiful words, lovely to read and I'm sure lovely to live.

    1. Thank you sunnygirl.
      It's great when I actually pull it off...

  3. I went to yoga class for the first time in a few months yesterday. I am far from good at it. I'm one of the least flexible people I know. But... I keep trying.

    I find the experience of following the teachers directions, putting myself into uncomfortable but perhaps pleasing (anyway she always seems pleased by our efforts however well or not we are doing) positions, puts me into a very submissive, calm, peaceful headspace.

    1. ksst,
      I used to do a lot of yoga, then went without for years, but I've been getting back into it this year, and I remember why I love it.

  4. Very thought provoking post. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Love this its very good and as I'm growing I feel the however I'm kicking in the wind lol I posted on my blog if u go take a peek u will see


  6. i remember you writing something very similar to this not long ago, but not to worry heck im pretty sure im going around in continuous circles.....but....i dont think this is a bad thing...because if comparing posts i bet there are differences and growth!


    1. tori,
      Sometimes I worry that I have used up all my good thoughts, and am just on a continuous repeating loop because I'm not actually making any progress at all...

    2. Progress takes time..I feel the same after 3yrs I should be a pro but heck it took me 32yrs to get where I was lol

  7. Beautiful and thought provoking post Lil, thanks for sharing. i love the analogy.



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