Friday, August 30, 2013


It has been one of those weeks:

How sweet is that...
I have realized that my normal emotional and physical functioning is not...Normal. Still not sure how I feel about that, but it has led to some sensitivity and easy irritation on my part. Apparently...

We had a tiff. Well, he was irritated, I woke up to it, and the party continued.

This seems to be my motto...
By the time Alpha got home last night, he had decided to put an end to it.
I made have made the fatal mistake of laughing inappropriately at what I saw as a threat (turns out it was a promise). Said laughter earned me peeing in a cup every morning.

He asked me if I needed the belt. I hemmed and hawed, (I don't like the belt) finally settling on "I don't know".
He make me kneel in front of him as he pissed all over me. I tearfully admitted that I had never realized not everyone experienced emotion over little things as intensely as me. Oddly enough, he already knew that, and seemed surprised that I didn't...I tried to explain that he had gotten a faulty model, but he didn't seem to care...Apparently he's keeping me, regardless of failing parts.

Then he took me over his knee where I proceeded to lose count several times, never making it past ten. The lesson? I appear to have a problem with my definition of 24/7. it is always, not just when I want.


He said, "that first piss of the day that you cherish so much, is now mine. You'll pee in a cup every morning until I say otherwise. Because you are mine always, at all times. Even in the morning. Is there something that you don't understand about the term 24/7?"

"The 7?"
Because really, peeing in a cup before 7 AM, and this whole morning thing...
Yea, he wasn't having it.

I feel remarkably better today...
This is always, in all ways.
And really, how can one not appreciate a man who values damaged property like a rare misprint?


  1. You are not damaged property. You have you own unique attributes and Alpha loves every one of them.

    Sorry you needed the reminder.

    1. sunnygirl,
      Aww, thank you!

      And yes, that graphic is awesome--I was considering putting it on the fridge...

  2. BTW, Absolutely love the first graphic.

  3. I always think I want 24/7 and then am shocked when he actually does it. Usually its because he doens't always follow up, and I am just waiting for him to stop doing it anyway. You don't sound like that is a problem with you too.
    I love the second quote.

    1. Julia,
      I think the thing that what we often fail to take into consideration when we think about 24/7 is that it's going to be Their idea of it, not whatever we have in our heads...

      Second quote sums up my most abundant skill!

  4. Lil ((huga)) you are not alone. i'm very emotional and hormonal. it sucks, and i'm constantly fighting it. sensitive is an understatement with regards to my emotional state.

    i hope this next week improves for you.

    1. His Slut,
      hormone can be awful awful meanies!

  5. Oh Sweety! "I had never realized not everyone experienced emotion over little things as intensely as me". There are others of us out here. It was a hard one for me to process when I first realized that even the way I think was another way I was different. It's funny , I tried to hide it from David, and F, in the beginning, but they knew and I am pretty sure that is one of the reasons they were attracted in the first place.

    And now I have the Sesame Street song going through my head, "One of these thing is not like the others, one of these things, doesn't belong, can you guess which thing is not like the others, before we finish the song?" . You are welcome for the earworm.

    1. lm,
      it might sound silly, but I can't believe it took me this long to realize that it's different!!

      Omg, LOL--now all I can hear is sesame street.

      Thank you. For letting letting me know that I'm not alone, and the terrible earworm.

  6. A FAULTY MODEL?!! First of all, you, clearly, do not see yourself. I know I have only been following you a very short time but I see a women with a strikingly beautiful mind and I'm sure the outside matches the in! You have no control over whatever this so called "faulty" problem is, right? Do not let it get you down. Second of all, how can you think of yourself this way when you have a man right next to you that cares deeply for you. How would you feel if one of your boys told you they were faulty? There's a good chance your Alpha feels the same way right now.

    I really hope I'm not over stepping anything (feel free to delete my comment) but I just started my period, I haven't seen my husband in 5 days, and my kids have been sick so I'm feeling feisty.

    1. If I was smart I would delete above comment and say something like sunnygirl.

      I really don't want to upset anyone :/

    2. Misty,
      Lol, perhaps you got a tad carried away, but does anyone ever Not smile when someone tells them that they have a "strikingly beautiful mind"?

      You didn't cause any upset at all. I hope that your husband is back, your kids are better, and your period is passed! Those are not fun times.

  7. Hi Lil, "I never realised not everybody experienced emotion over little things as intensely as me". You are not alone in this and you most definitely are not damaged property. This thing sure does seem to bring out our emotions even more.

    Sounds like some reminder of the 24/7 nature of your relationship. I'm glad it helped and that you are feeling better.


    1. Roz,
      thank you. It may not reflect kindly on my character, but I am glad to know that I'm not alone.
      ANd yes, it really does bring out emotions!

  8. "I had never realized not everyone experienced emotion over little things as intensely as me"

    It really is a hard realization to get one's mind around, if one happens to feel every single emotion intensely. You are so not alone.
    I have an emotional reaction to everything.

    There must be something in the air this week...those planets must be up to colliding....

    Glad you're back to your "normal" and sometimes those reminders are so needful to get us back in the mindset of 24/7.

    You are totally amazing, ((Lil)).

    1. Bleuame,
      It is soo hard to wrap my mind around! It seems like it really shouldn't be that much of a struggle, but it is a difficult realization to come to terms with.

      You are too sweet. Thank you!!

  9. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I found her phrase "how can one not appreciate a man who values damaged property like a rare misprint?" to be absolutely wonderful. While I wouldn't call you damaged - it does point out we all have our faults - and for your man to treasure you, faults and all...I just love the phrase you used. *hug* Being 24/7 is NOT easy. It takes time, and effort on both your parts.

    1. Mickey,
      I adore that you liked that phrase. I think that you understood where it was coming from and the spirit in which it was meant.
      Thank you.

      And no, 24/7 isn't easy, but it's very much worth it.

  10. I think 24/7 is hard to keep your mind set in this day and age..I want 24/7 but its hard for me ...

    interesting idea peeing in a cup..never heard that before..I may or may not share with Tyler lol haven't decided...

    You are an absolutely inspiring woman don't think less of yourself...we all have our flaws and well emotional roller coasters come in all shapes and sizes...I swear for me 30 was the end of my fun loving youth lol

    anyway I'm glad your better..

    1. Daisy,
      I really wouldn't recommend the cup...Especially first thing in the morning. Sigh*
      Personally, I have found sharing ideas to be very dangerous lol.

  11. 'I had never realized not everyone experienced emotion over little things as intensely as me.'

    Oh? Oh... OH!

    I may have to ponder on that one a while...

    ps peeing in a cup is completely linked (in my mind) to being pregnant and doing it for the nurse/dr *giggle* not at all sexy (for me)!

    1. mamacrow,
      mmmm, it is an interesting thing to ponder, for sure...

      Lol! if the point was sexy, I would be failing miserably. And anyone who can be sexy while peeing in a cup first thing in the morning has major skills. Or something...


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