Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hairspray Huffing Hussy

Every hairdresser I have ever met is chop happy. I thought that I had finally come to an agreement with mine, and that the rules were clear: Only trim enough off the bottom to keep lil's hair healthy, trim the split ends all the way up, and do not do weird funky things with the bangs.
She broke all the rules. Cut off way to much, and refused to spend five minutes catching the runaway split ends, and I'm not too keen on what she did with the bangs.
I don't care what she says, four inches below the collarbones is not long. She must be huffing too much hairspray or something...

I have decided to leave her for another woman.
I'm guessing that it's against the rules to threaten to stab a hairdresser with her own scissors if she takes off more than one inch...?

In other news...


  1. I trim my own hair most times and my daughters. Every time I come home the hair Police (we know him as Tyler) looks me up and down with that look and I protest by saying "I told her only this much I swear" He just says "Humph" So i think i should just start looking at the hair dressers and seriously say "If you cut too much off my husband will spank me and if he spanks me I will spank you!!"

    Hmm what do you think? She might be interested lol

    1. Daisy,
      years of trimming my own hair got it in terrible and uneven condition (obviously, I'm no good at it lol). So I started paying to get it done about a year and half ago.

      I dunno, threatening a spanking is all person dependent--you might never be able to go back again, or they might chop it all off to see if you meant what you said.

  2. Ah Lil that sucks, sorry :( Going to the hairdresser is always fraught with nerves that I will come way with a 'spankable' length. Fortunately though they seem to have played by the rules lately.


    1. Roz,
      fortunately, Alpha was really nice about it. I think that's because he knows I tried and thought I had her trained lol. Plus, I was a bit upset...

  3. Why do hairdressers do that. I don't wear my hair long anymore but I used to have that problem too. You think it's better with short hair, it isn't. I've had what I call crying haircuts, or wearing a hat until the cowlicks lay down. Since we're on the road, every four weeks I have to be brave and hope for the best.

    Love the scenario card. So very true.


    1. sunnygirl,
      I don't know why they do that! It's totally unfair though. And her definition of "long" makes me seriously question her eyesight...

      I love that card too--story of my life most days.

  4. I'm sorry that you got a bad haircut :( hugs

    1. Saturn,
      it's just a lot shorter than it was, but it will grow.
      Thank you!


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