Sunday, August 25, 2013

I need You

I originally posted this here. I had it saved in my drafts folder though, and figured it was time for a bit of blog cleaning. Plus, it fits my current mood.

I need You to pull me in with that soft kiss 
and gentle caress.
Lure me down with Your hand in my hair
and that particular touch of infinite care.

I need You to
unleash Yourself on me and set the Beast free.
Take me to my knees
make me
whatever You want me to be.
Push me over the edge and into the abyss
with Your raging kiss.
Down that road through blood sweat and years
Far beyond my fears
washing them away with my tears.

I need You to momentarily
rip away my humanity
to strip away the superficial.
to bury Yourself in my body
and roam through my mind.

I need You to flow through my soul
tearing away all thought and everything I am not.
Force me to my knees and smile quietly in the face of my screams
as I rest at your feet.

Take me outside of the lines
where the only word I hear is "Mine"
where we exist
outside of time.


  1. So beautiful! I love the words and the way it flows. I adore your writing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, that poem is beautiful Lil. Thank you!

  3. Oh yes, lovely. You are such a good writer of poetry! Thank you for cleaning out your drafts folder. It has beneficial effects for those who read here.

  4. Hi Lil!
    WOW that is beautiful! And so powerful and meaningful. Thank you for sharing.

    Subrina <3

  5. Just lovely lil! It resonated deeply with mouse.


  6. very nice you have a great way with words :)

  7. Oh lil this is beautiful, you do have a wanderful talent with words.


  8. Beautiful words, as always. What a writer you are!!!!

  9. Wow Lil, this is so beautiful and powerful. Thank you for sharing. You have such a wonderful way with words.


  10. This is beautiful and a reflection of my mood lately too. It resonated deeply and my mind echoed back "yes! yes!" Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it


  11. I'm a newbie. I've been reading your blog for awhile. I have gone back and read almost all you've written.You have been very helpful. Thank you for sharing! You like Him make me feel like it's ok to be me....


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