Monday, August 5, 2013

August Whine

I have been working on a post for a while, and I'm starting to get frustrated because it just won't flow. Much like everything else around here lately...

Alpha and I have been doing an unusual amount of arguing, which is always great fun.

For one, we each think that the other has been dishing out too much shit, and for two, the problem with sexy, is sex.

I know that sounds unreasonable, but here's the thing--my body can't handle sex every day. And the more flirty/sexy I am, the more sex we have. And worst of all, my mind and body rarely sync up.
No doubt some of you are raising your eyebrows, "A man she can't keep up with, oh poor baby. Not."
Truth is, that's the way it has always been. I've never been able to truly sate his appetite. And the less his needs are fed, the worse we get along.

How could this possibly be an issue in a relationship where he can just take it whenever he wants? I am so glad you asked. You didn't? Oh well, the good stuff is listed over on the right.
It's an issue because apparently, unwilling is okay sometimes, but unwilling with attitude is not a huge turn-on. Who knew?

And did I mention how extremely frustrated I am about my seeming inability to lose ten pounds? Alpha asked if it had occurred to me that the weight gain is mostly muscle...It had, but I still just can't seem to get past the friggin numbers on the scale.
This has turned into something else to disagree about too--he doesn't appreciate my disregard for the fact that he thinks I am looking really good with the extra weight. This is what happens when one spends their entire life underweight and then bypasses what they think they should weigh by ten pounds, and grows out of their clothes as soon as they turn thirty.

Did I also mention that we had to buy roofing for our entire house? Yea...That shit ain't cheap.

August is one of those months that just has it out for me. It's truly unfortunate that cake is not the solution to all my woes.

Maybe now that I got my whining taken care of, I'll be able to finish that damn post I have been working on for a week. It all started going down hill when I got sucked into Maslow's hierarchy of needs...


  1. I truly understand your woes..the sex thing is opposite for many years I told him no..a lot of times we only had sex once a month...gasp ik poor guy..anyway in the past 2yrs my sex peak has driven to a high and keeps goin..well Tyler has hit a slump ik weird..anyway he's been laid off for7 months except for 2 weeks that he worked and let me tell ya its been awful...

    Aug sucks for me too..there's school starting which means clothing and supplies for 3 kids then Sept and October is bdays..I didn't plan life out well...sigh..

    well big hugs

    1. Daisy,
      The no work thing is sooooo friggin difficult!

      My sex drive has actually increased tremendously over the years...But my body hasn't gotten the memo on how to cope.

      August is just rough here...It's the month my dad died, kiddo and 2 nieces b-days, all the textbooks for the next grade, start of soccer season...Yea, crazy times.

      Are all your kids b-days in sept. and oct??

    2. Sorry didn't see this..yes the boys are Sept and girl Oct..there is barely a full month between them 5 weeks from the first kids to the last actually...they are 3 & 4yrs apart though...

  2. Lots of roses,pretty look.

    The good news is there are only 26 more days in August. Sorry about the rest.

    1. sunnygirl,
      I seem to be all about the roses these days...At least I am currently sticking to a theme! Lol.

      Well, 26 is much better than 50...
      Thank you.

  3. People make it sound like sex is mindlessly easy but I have rarely found that to be the case.
    On the other hand, he still loves you AND is hot for you, so you can't be getting it all wrong!

    And our mind rarely makes sense of our bodies. My bestie is literally a size zero-petite yet is constantly whining about her "woggles"
    If she's not careful, I shall demonstrate what a true woggle is by smothering her in the folds of mine…

    I had to re-roof my entire house a couple of years back, too.
    Thousands of dollars and they killed all my flowers in the process.
    However, I'll admit it's nice not to have a water attraction in the guest bedroom any more...

    1. Jz,
      lol, nope, not all wrong. But all right is sooo much better (unrealistic yes, but...)

      Giggles* smothering someone in the folds of woggles.

      Roofing is painfully expensive!
      We'll be doing all the work ourselves, so if anything dies, it's all our fault.
      We had hoped to put off the main part of the house for another year, then it rained...The living room doesn't drip, it sieves. Indoor waterfalls are not nearly as attractive as I had imagined them to be...

  4. From One Submissive to AnotherAugust 5, 2013 at 9:14 PM

    August totally sucks ass dude! We are getting ready to put our relationship to the test because we wont see each other for 5 months after Monday. He needs to finish work in a different province and I need to start school in another. Stupid august....been trying not to think about it all summer. Oh well shit happens....nothing to do but bitch about it lol. Ive been informed that im quite good at it.

    1. From one sub to another,
      I'm great at bitching too!

      Ooh, five months is a long time. Hang in there!

  5. oh well i do hope September is a better month.

    I do sort of understand the sex thing, i dont have a high sex drive, i could quite happily settle for a few times a week, but the bossmans drive is higher than mine, i have never denied him but sometimes my lack of enthusiasm shows lol


    1. tori,
      it usually is.
      Apparently enthusiasm is important. The worst though, is when I feel enthusiastic, and my body's like, "fuck you!!" lol.

  6. Hi Lil,

    I get the mind/body mismatch. Having to re-roof the entire house totally sucks! I'm sorry August is a touch month for you. Love the roses BTW :)


    1. roz,
      the mismatch is highly annoying, I must admit.

      I'm stuck on roses these days!


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