Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yes Master

I do this really weird and annoying thing, (yes, that really was singular) where I get it into my head that I have this whole submissive thing down, I'm going to be a really good girl, and everything is just going to flow all lovely and shit.


That's not the annoying thing though, the annoying part is that I inevitably begin the swift and slippery slide into forgetting my place. Because I've got this right? I decided to be good, therefore I'll be good however I think I should be. And that is not necessarily always on board with his ideas of how I should behave.

So, with all my good intentions leading me straight down the nicely paved road to hell, it's fair to say that my attitude may have slipped a little bit lately. Think Little Miss Independent meets Mom the Cranky Disciplinarian and we go dancing our way through the flaming gates.

I don't try to be bad! Where have I heard that before...Oh yea, my kid. Crap.

Now that the scene is set, complete with pavement and pretty flames...

Alpha called from work earlier, as he usually does. I was in the middle of making a lemon cake, and so we chatted as we normally do. The instant my cake hit the oven rack, he asked if I was done. Now, it's not unheard of for him to call up and ask me to Google a phone number or something of that nature.
In my naive innocence, I walked over to the computer, announcing that yes, cake was in the oven and I was all free.

His tone immediately changed as he informed me that I was going to go get the butt plug, go to the bathroom, and insert it while on the phone. Then I was to tell him when I was done.

Say huh what?
This is new...

"You need to remember your place. So think about your place and how you are going to be a good girl. When you're done thinking and you want to take it out, you can call me back and beg me to let you take it out."
"Yes Sir."
"Yes, what...?"
"Yes Master."
"That's better. Your ass is mine. Your hot little twat is mine. Your body is mine. That hot little head of yours is mine too. And don't you ever forget it."
"Yes Master."


  1. Oh, i have the same issue. That annoying thing, and about i see and perceive my complete submission. It's all dub and games until reality hits. It's a vicious cycle though.

    How long did it take you until you called to beg to remove it?

  2. Haha! Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't be laughing, but that's just priceless! I can just imagine the look on my face if something like that happened to me! (Being I have the same annoying habit)

  3. YIKES!
    Don't you hate when you think you got it all figured out and then BAM! He calls and says put a plug in it??? But I gotta be honest...the phone call was kinda hot! Maybe that's because we are just starting out and he has NEVER done something like that!

    Subrina <3

  4. Bet the lemon cake was not uppermost on your mind anymore. lol

  5. Awww ik all about that paved road of destruction I think I'm on one and it just keeps winding lol

  6. Well that is certainly one way of reminding you of your place. :)
    How long before you called him back?
    How long did he make you beg?

  7. Hey Lil,

    I have the same habit. I'm with Sarah ... that's definitely one way of reminding you. How long before you called him back ... and did you remember to take the cake out of the oven in time? LoL


  8. yea i think your not alone in that train of thought lil.....i feel like sometimes everything is clicking into place and by jolly i have finally got to grips with it....and then i throw a wobbly lol

    its funny because since he introduced a ritual that i have to have a butt plug inserted for 15 mins everyday, those 15 mins are about being focused on him, me, submission and i know it sounds odd but i find it comforting...certainly would miss it if he were to stop it.

    Hope the lemon cake turned out ok.....your making me quite jealous with all this baking you do...baking is not my speciality!


  9. I'm goign to be really lazy this time and answer with one reply-fits-all. Sorry guys.

    I think I made it about an hour and half. In all honesty, I was expecting him to say no the first time I called, so I got a jump on it lol. It's safe to say that I'm Not used to the plug at all. Though, I could see it as being a really grounding/focusing daily ritual.

    He didn't make me beg long--he didn't think I would last as long as I did. Lol.

    Yes, I did forget all about the cake, but thank god for my oven timer--it's the only reason I don't burn everything.

    I really do know better than to think that I have it all figured out...Sometimes I just get carried away and conveniently forget that submitting is about what he thinks it should be, not what I think it should be...And I slip. Sometimes quite dramatically lol.

    The lemon cake came out great--it's a good recipe if anyone wants it. I think the trick to baking is to find good recipes, which does mean making some terrible things lol, but it works out in the long run.


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