Sunday, March 23, 2014

That Damn Book!

It's not always easy to get this whole slave thing right. In fact, I used to accuse him of setting me up for failure...

There's never really a good time to talk around here these days. Seriously, between homeschooling, the size of our house, weather, and sickness, there are always children nearby. And he's always...Busy.

It's been like a month since I updated the book, I did write up the "new" rules, and then panicked about turning it in (slow one here). I thought about it too much. And then thought about it some more.
So last night, at like ten when the kids were asleep, I finally brought him the damn book. 

His words were something to the effect of my waiting until he was the least receptive to finally present him with the changes. I put it up.

Polite words fail me.

Why stress so much about the damn book in the first place? Well, because there are consequences for not updating it. Consequence's which are often compounded by the seemingly inevitable habit of accumulating marks simply by not writing in the book. Then I don't pay as much attention to what I'm supposed to be doing which means I don't do what I'm supposed to and then I eventually get in trouble. Like saved up "I'd kick you if I could, you're a horrible mean man" kind of trouble.

Having to edit the book myself though...I had to write it out and look at it a lot. Honestly, I made very few changes. But! I have to live with this. Chances are that he will accept it and add more (I am quite suspicious of what he might add). But...Did I mention that this is my life?

Maybe he figures it's my life too and he doesn't want to make any decisions about it at 10:00 at night when he's trying to go to sleep on the floor. Whatever.


  1. You make me sit back and laugh. Sometimes, it's nice being old and not stressing so much about what life is or isn't.

  2. Well you did what you were supposed to do and finished up the book. Now it is up to him. Hopefully he will just agree with everything you wrote. You never know. Was wishing the kids on the next door neighbors in the book?

    1. Blondie,
      we have very strange neighbors, so no. But...Wishing them on grandma, however....


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