Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letting go...

I have an exceptionally difficult time letting go. I have this...Distance issue. It's like being one step...just. Off. I have had it for years. Since somewhere around 14 maybe...And I feel that it shows a singular and disappointing lack of evolution on my part that I still have this issue. It gets better. Then it comes back. Then it fades for a while. Then it reappears. I'm getting a bit sick of me and my issues.


  1. Wanna trade? Let's face it, we both know everyone has something to deal with, I get tired of dealing sometimes too. Unfortunately, quitting isn't an option for me, though I do fantasize about running away sometimes. Palm trees and sandy beaches here I come, lol.

  2. Ah... I feel the same about myself.. I'm so sick of my issues I can't stand it.
    I know it gets better eventually, it's all we can hope for! :)
    I have been up and down over mine since forever.

    Faerie, I'd like to go to the palm treed location as well!
    Let's all go!

  3. It'll get better lil, it has to doesn't it! As for the palmed treed location...... I'm in :)

    Dee x

  4. it is some what expected that you would have an issue of letting go of your issue of letting things go, don't you think?

  5. faerie, ummm...Nope. Don't wanna trade. Sometimes I check out to the sandy beaches in my mind! Though it's usually more like dusty corners lol. Though I'd be happy to join you under the palm trees!

    Emi, right. And they like to stay nice and close, so ditching them in an alley or something can be more difficult than one would think.

    Dee, maybe we can get a deal on multiple tickets to warmth!

    Sir J, lol, well I never thought of it quite like that. It's sitting over there next to the "why is 'why am I the way I am' so important" obsession. lol.


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