Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rose colored cynicism

We had a fight where I graciously yelled wtf!? suggested his temper needed to be reined in.

Alpha dislocated his shoulder again which sucks means he can't hit me with it! Low of me; I know.

My car is still broken down which means not being able to drive myself Anywhere I have a chauffeur!

My kid is still being a monster spirited(?) I'm tryin here.

I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday an opportunity to increase my pain tolerance?

The little one kept me up all night. I wanted to beat him didn't beat him!

Alpha and I haven't had a night out in over 6 months. I'm not a genius people, someone else is gonna have to come up with a good spin for this one.


  1. Oh lil, I'm not sure what kinda comment you're looking for but I so totally get you on most of your points.
    Only last night I said something along the same lines..... Ouch!
    When M said he had a sore wrist, my immediate thought was for myself!
    I didn't have a car for 6mths and hated being so dependant!
    I have 3 kids, they're all monsters!
    Dentist....... Urgh!
    Sorry :) just wanted to let you know you're not alone lol! Go get yourselves a night out arranged :)

    Dee x

  2. Um... hum. You and Alpha have been saving up for one really fantastic night out by enjoying yourselves at home for 6 months? :)

  3. Girl the bad vibes have been at my house too. I think it may be time to get the sage out and clear the bad spirits. Here's hoping for a better day for both of us.

  4. lil,

    6 months?! Try NEVER. Just recently a friend I know lost her husband to a massive heart attack while she was asleep. She woke up to a dead husband. There's always someone worse off than ourselves. I'm not saying I'm any better. I have to remind myself of this all the time when things don't go just the way I want them.

    Be thankful you have Alpha in your life:)! And, be thankful that you have your children. Someday they'll be gone and you'll miss them.

  5. Oh lil, honey.... I can so relate to your plight! I just got done reading your response to my post.. Girl, I was laughing before I got done. S was looking at me like I was smokin' somethin'... You are so funny!!

    Ok.... I'll try to put a pretty spin on the fact that you and Alpha haven't been out in over 6 months... You and Alpha love your children so much that you can't stand to be away from them! ;o)

    You know that one day your gonna have to just bite the bullet and leave them home with a sitter!! ((hugs))

  6. I think if I win the lotto I am going to go from blog house to blog house and send you all out for the evening while I baby sit.

    We can all dream

  7. Alpha and I have had 180 glorious nights at home with our favorite people in the world.

    Does that help at all? Love your humor! Hope you little ones sleep and settle soon.

  8. Dee,
    I try not to look for any certain kind of comment. Pointing and laughing is acceptable, though company is great lol.
    Yea, I felt like a bitch when it came to the shoulder. We were fighting and it was dark and we argued for five or ten minutes before he even told me it had dislocated again. The car...It can really be a nightmare, especially when you have children! And the children...Geez, I never thought it was possible to love someone so much who could be so completely rotten lol.

    ooh, that's good! Now if only I had been saving someplace besides the change Hell, a night in without kiddos counts as a night out in my book--not feeling exceptionally picky lol.

    Never?! I simply must be nosy and ask if that is by choice or circumstance?
    And oddly enough my complaint rants make me feel better and less whiny afterwards lol.

    lmao, your spin on it made me laugh. Glad my comment did the same for you. I almost thought it came out a it too cynical since mine are driving me nuts lol.
    I would love to leave them with a sitter--I would love to take them to someone and sit on the couch alone with my husband lol. But they haven't been left with anyone besides family, and we just don't have anyone who can watch them besides my mom. But she's afraid of the three year old. I promised he wasn't rabid...

    Mindset, Ooh, I long ago gave up on the lottery, but I have my fingers crossed for you! Yea, selfish I know lol.

    Serenity, that's a good one. Does it make me a bad mother that that one was not immediately obvious to me?
    Thank you. And I hope so too.

  9. I think I took your post too seriously...I was meaning that my friend had no choice.


  10. Hmmmm- you and Alpha have not have a night out in 6 most which has given you lots of time to try various at home activities?

    IDK- I think you should work on planning something- even if it is a few hours. Otherwise your kid may push you over the tight rope of semi-sanity!

    Well wishes...

  11. Kitty,
    I think so too lol.

    I would be cool with a night in kid-free at this point.
    And right? Semi-sanity is acceptable. Padded walls are not lol.


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