Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Man Who Takes Care of Things

I have come to the conclusion that hormones are trying to kill me and they want to take everyone I know down with me. I'm going to have to find a way to get the little bitches wrangled in before I get caught chewing on someone's leg with blood dripping out of my mouth. lol.

While I was busy chaining up my hormones, Alpha was fixing my moms car. With legos and a butter knife. As my mother was professing her love for him, I realized how she fell in love with my father--at some point he must have fixed something terribly important with a paper clip and a shoe string.

Anyways...One of the things I love most about Alpha is his ability to adapt and make things work in any given situation--to just do what needs to be done with whatever he has.

For years I worried that having a man who could take care of things was not in my best interests. That one day I would be alone and find myself unable to function.
At some point I realized how much of what I know is from him--he taught me how to make love, how to drive, the importance of using logic, how to write a check and shoot a gun. Most of the practical skills I have? He taught me.

And it absolutely scared the shit out of me.

Because my reality, what I know and love, who I have become and wherever I may go, is so intricately entwined in him.

Sometimes it's hard to see us a separate entities. And I think that is one of the things we have gained from ttwd--it reminds us of our separateness by defining our separate roles, while at the same time, allowing us to be unimaginably close. 

I have dealt with many incompetent people in my life (who hasn't), and I have to say--I love a man who can take care of things.

Oh, and did I mention that he fixed my car with a pen last week?


  1. My ex was useless. Couldn't change a light bulb. My Daddy however can fix anything. I call it him McGyvering lol. You know fixing things with chewing gum and the foil it was wrapped in lol. Really does feel good having Mr Fixit around.

  2. It's amazing when we actually think of all the things that our guys do for us. And I love a fix it guy :) Did you know iPhones are waterproof? No, I didn't realise that either until Mitch fixed mine after it fell into the toilet bowl :) Lovely post lil.

    Dee x

  3. I agree. Competency is so very sexy. Alice

  4. lil,
    This is pretty cool. I'm maybe the opposite - but end up in the same place. Growing up i had to learn how to do everything, i had to do most of those practical things, it was just one of those childhoods. I don't know if i've insulted my husband over the years being so aggressively independent. But it has taken me a very long time to learn to look to him and allow him to care for me. It's not just who fixes the plumbing - it's been learning to let him guide me and show me how to be as a person, because i did and do need him for that.

  5. babygirl, lol, I was thinking of the whole chewing gum and foil thing.

    Dee, I firmly believe that Everything should be waterproof. Ahem.
    Thank you.

    Alice, yes, competency is quite sexy. And I doubt it really matters what form that competence takes as long as it exists.

    gg, I was going to write a follow-up post last night about being cared for! But a headache decided to implode my brain. Inspiration seems to be lagging this morning...Should have typed through the explosions lol.
    And you are quite right--as long as one of us can do it, it doesn't matter so much which one. It is very much about being cared for. That changes everything and can somehow be a lot harder to accept sometimes.

    I think I was trying to get across a general point about care and it ended up stuck on the fixing lol.

  6. I know that you don't think that your point of caring got through... it did. For most of us gals being taken care of takes so many different masks.. one is fixing things... one is rescuing us from ourselves... one is paying the dinner check.. another is fixing our car with a pen!! And the list goes on!!

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet post! ((hugs))

  7. Mikki, glad you liked the post. And I do seem to need a ridiculous amount of being rescued from myself. Well, that and having my car fixed with a pen lol.


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