Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Is there anything better than a public apology? Well, I know blow jobs are the best apology. But public apology has to place somewhere right?

my love,
I'm sorry for the way I have been lately.
I know I can make anything complicated. And this shouldn't be such a struggle. It isn't usually is it?
And I don't want to blame it on the headaches; I don't want to blame it on those horrible invading hormone monsters; I don't want to blame it on the mess that life can be; or my difficulty adjusting to every damn change of season.
I want to own my mistakes so I don't repeat them. Over and over and over again.

I know that I'm a lot of work. And I like to think that I am worth it. But some days I wonder you know?

The truth is--I love you more than words can tell.
I wish that I could be everything you want and need.
But I'm just lil old me. 

And I am truly sorry for the week we have had. Sorry for the "no," and the words I said or didn't say between then and now.

You don't know how much I desire to please you. And I am aware that is really my fault. Because I don't express it easily and I can be so reluctant.

We have walked a long road to here and now. But I wouldn't take back any step along the way--because that is how we got here. To today.

I love you.

And I am sorry.


  1. Wow this post was like looking in a mirror. I have felt this exact same way. You are worth the work.

  2. I know if my girl wrote that to me I would melt.

  3. "Blow jobs are the best apology", love this, blowjobs are also the best thank you. I think we all(women)wonder if we are worth the work sometimes. My man would give a resounding yes, and I hazard a guess so would your's. Besides if they didn't have us to contend with day after day what would they do? We keep life interesting.

  4. Very heartfelt post lil and a very novel way to say sorry. I'm sure he will appreciate your effort.

    Dee x

  5. That was a very nice letter, lil, and I'm with Sir J on his comment. Actually, a letter like this and a blow job are the best apology.

  6. What a wonderful blog. Such a heartfelt confession and apology. Think anyone would be lucky to be reading such words from their love.

  7. babygirl, we all need to take a look in the mirror occasionally huh. And thank you.

    Sir J, I like to think that I have come a long way from being completely incapable of apologizing. It's only taken umm, 12 1/2 years to get to this point. Ahem.

    faerie, lol, yes--the best apology, the best thank you, the best wake-up call, the best goodnight, damn the list in never ending lol. And life should be interesting, right?

    Dee, thank you. And well, I did end up having to provide both possible apologies lol.

    Jake, lol, "a letter like this and a blow job are the best apology." That's pretty much what Alpha said too.

    mijena, thank you.

  8. Hugs! We vhave to mess up sometimes to prove we are all human...

  9. viemora, thank you. I apparently have no problem proving my humanity lol.


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