Thursday, December 15, 2011

Submissive Rituals and Other Ramblings

Submissive rituals...I think I needs some.
Not the "at the door naked kneeling on broken glass" kind--just something simple and innocuous to help me keep that head space.
I'm gonna have to put some serious thought into it.
Because sometimes I think my life is designed to keep me out of that head space (yes, it's a universal conspiracy and has nothing to do with my own flaws).

But when I'm in that place is when I am happiest. At my best. Our best.

And it's hard to switch back and forth. To stay there always, wow that would be nice. But life? Life does all these crazy things. So I go back and forth.
But if I could just make a little place in my mind...And just peek in throughout the day...To keep me in my place no matter where I am or what I am doing...I think that would work quite nicely.

On another note, it looks like I have a client. It's not much at all, but she has friends...And if I can get four or five regular clients--well that would just be very cool.

I can hear my pt tisking at me already...But the unfortunate thing about kids is they gotta eat. A LOT. lol.
So hopefully the headaches will back the hell off again (always looking for tricks to get rid of them. If you have any don't be greedy--sharing is caring), and there will be no random sneezing that makes my neck seize up...

Did I mention that it's snowing and I absolutely hate being cold?


  1. I'd be interested to know what submissive rituals you come up with lil. ( I need all the help I can get lol :) As for the headaches, I'm sorry, I don't know. Alternative therapies may help.

    Dee x

  2. Hi lil- interested in the rituals too.

    With regard to headaches- I take 400mg of Vitamin B-2 every day. (2 x 100mg in the morning and evening). On recommendation of my neurologist.

    That and monthly adjustments at my Chiro and visits to my Massage therapist.

    Hope you find a solution that works for you.

    p.s. oh.. and Coffee... once I stopped drinking it (after the original withdrawl), the headaches eased up too :)


  3. The cynic in me says that i would find a way to subvert the rituals or they would become too automatic and lose their meaning - it's a good thing the cynic in me keeps her mouth shut most of the time. The realist in me is pretty sure that real life interferes with everyone's ideal life - sure does mine. I haven't met Alpha - but from what you write - he seems to have a pretty good handle on how to get what he wants from you. Oh - and - TSK, TSK

  4. I just told My squirrel two days ago about a new ritual I will impose starting January 1. BREATHE. Every morning, as soon as she is by herself, she is to take in three deep breaths and feel her submission to Me growing with each breath. As a Master, I love ritual, especially froma distance. I want to always be on her mind!

  5. lil,

    Short of the headaches and I could have written this post! I, too, am very interested in what you find out about rituals, and I'm also in the process of getting some ideas out in Google-land.

    Sorry about the headaches, but I too have heard that getting rid of the caffeine helps.

    Also, I liked Wolf's idea... very simple but also good to know that our men really do want us to think of them always!! ;o)

  6. Depends upon what the headaches are from... If they are true migraines, this might help

  7. Dee, lol, you aren't the only one who needs all the help she can get!

    faithful, thanks for the tips. I will look into the B-2. I see a chiropractor and massage therapist once a week which helps quite a bit. And I'm not against suffering enough to give up my coffee addiction. *said guiltily while peering over my cup*

    gg, lol, well the cynic in me says I'll come up with something nice and it won't make a bit of difference. But shhh, I'm trying anyways.
    And yea, he does but...It would be kind of nice to get there without being thrown sometimes lol.
    Ummm, I totally deserved that because I didn't actually tell my pt yesterday lol.

    Wolf, that is actually very close to what I was thinking about. No one's going to come up and ask me why on gods green earth am I breathing lol.

    Mikki, Death before decaff (or tea)! Isn't my willingness and dedication overwhelming lol.

    Vixen, they are from a car accident. Thank you for the link.

  8. I too would be interested in rituals :)

    In regards to headaches, I have quite the experience there. Caffeine can actually be good for some people and their headaches, so if you don't really wanna go decaff, you could hope your one of the ones having a good response on caffeine in that matter :p

    If it is headaches caused from muscular problems in the neck and back, relaxation excercises will help, since you quickly can with tension headaches go into a bad spiral. Tension causes headache - headache makes you tense - tension causes headache... and so on
    So yeah, relaxation excercises and stretching will help. Also use of heatpacks in the neck. It helps you relax and get the shoulders down, and eventough the headache wasn't from tension it can be of help since headaches usualle bring tension. Hard not to tense up when theres a jungleparty playing the bongo drums inside your skull :p

    A trick that often helps me, both for migraines and the tension kind, is to take two fingers from both hands, and put them on the middle of my forehead and rub twice out to the tempel, then rub twice from middle of forehead down the side of the nose and under eyes, and then twice from middle of forehead and down the nose and just repeat that circle a couple of times.

  9. ponderous pet, My coffee hero! I quit drinking coffee without weening down when I got pregnant with our second--holy hell did I have some brain shattering migraines.
    I have had some success with ice on the base of my skull and heat on my feet. But it's not a consistent or halfway convenient method.

    I will definitely try your trick. Thank you!


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