Friday, December 2, 2011

Having children, there is one word that I use a lot. It also happens to be the one word I am flat out not allowed to say to Alpha.


Oh sure, I say it sometimes in that "putting my foot down so I can pick it right back up" kind of way. More of a joke than anything.

But "no" is never a response to "I want to fuck you." Not for a very long time anyways.

I'm never "on" in the middle of the night. And for the most part, he just lets me sleep. Something I am very grateful for.
I was exceptionally tired. He had been snarking at me for a while (pain plus pain-killers equals a horrid combination for snarkiness), and I had been up with the kids numerous times.

And I said no.

We had miniature clashes throughout the morning. Then came to the agreement that he's been snarky and I am excessively sensitive. Though he made sure I knew it wasn't going to slide. Really, I expect nothing less.
I had a moment of insanity perhaps?

I can't remember the last time I said no to him.

But I'm betting I'll remember this one.


  1. Yeah... it's hard to respond correctly when kids are wearing you down... and my bet is that you won't say it for along time to come!! ((hugs))

    Darn kids!! *giggling*

  2. Maybe we should trade can have the incessant giggling and knocking at my door. He doesn't even bother, with the whole gaggle of them in the house.


    i'llsay a little prayer for your rear end, shall i?

  3. Awwwww! Boo. I think a no in that situation should be ok!! We need a special clause for that!!!


  4. Mikki,
    Right? After the fifth time you have scraped off the little one and gotten back in bed, the brain just doesn't function like it should lol.

    giggling...Hmmm, Not sure I can deal with that. They don't sleep through the night by any chance?

    lol, for some reason none of the special clauses seem to be geared in that direction.

  5. I say no, a lot, to my girls so it still tends to slip off my tongue rather too easily. But Mitch is helping me with that!

    Dee x

  6. Dee, Dominants are a painfully helpful lot aren't they.

  7. Lil, I don't say no either. Can't remember the last time "no" But that's our dynamic and it works for us. I can ask and explain why and he will listen. But no isn't expected or said.


  8. Stormy, right. No is in a completely different category than "no." And before this, I couldn't rememer the last time I said it either.


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