Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brought to You By...

And today's spate of angsty drivel brought to you by a thoroughly disillusioned sub who's to busy being irritable about an unreasonably twisted knee and the impact it's having on her new-found dedication to working out daily to care that there's a foot of snow on the ground. 

I think that's a new record for me--an entire paragraph without punctuation. Lol.

Little sister
I feel you in my dreams
 I see you in my mind

And I wonder what happened to that girl I love
the one who could rise above
who knew what it meant to love in return.

Little sister 
I used to call you babygirl
now I see you in my dreams
and you are 

Little sister who's eyes are dead, 
heart unreachable
do you remember?
You used to have dreams of your own
plans for who you would be
the things you could do.

Do you remember the infinite possibilities of life?
Or has it all been lost as you mainline your time away?

Little sister, did all your dreams of who you could be
vanish into the night?
have you completely lost your sight
on your endless search
 for one more fix.
Everything you could have had and been
goes into your veins
as you seek to drown the pains of your own making.
Ah little sister, how I miss her.
And I wonder if you are in there somewhere
because in my dreams I feel you
and you feel
like an empty shell.

Your brother tells me you killed her,
my beloved little sister
the first time you slid a needle into your veins
in an effort to avoid the pain
of being human.

Little sister of mine
I see you in my dreams
and there I feel only that void
the emptiness that resides
where you used to be.

Somewhere along the way
you forgot what it means to love
your life became a web of lies
and I told you I was done.

Once sweet little sister of mine,
I am done with your false lines
and so I cut our ties


I will still be there next time
ignoring your web of lies
as you bleed on the hospital floors
for what you thought was love.


  1. oh not good..hope your knee feels better soon..dont go overdoing it...no wander your looking for movie recommendations lol

    tori x

  2. I hope you are up and around soon. Knee pain is awful :(

  3. tori, apparently I don't know how to not overdo it lol. I'm thinking going to work last week might have been a mistake.

    faerie, I must say, I'm new to it and not a fan at all! Thank you.

  4. lil,

    I understand your frustration. I have been trying to work out daily (less weekends) and my lower back is giving me problems. All I can offer is this: Modify your workout. Do whatever you need to do to keep working out. Once you lose the habit, it is hard to get back. You can try a bench dip (google it for video/pictures) with the injured knee on top.

    Mr. No Name

  5. Mr. No Name, I had really adapted my workout around strengthening my lower back without pissing off my neck and shoulders. It's difficult to adapt core exercises for the benefit of my knees lol. Thanks for the thoughts. I'll google that.

  6. Pretty deep poetry- very heartfelt.


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