Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fixing That Which Is Not Broken

I took a nap today. For the first time in ages. And now I remember why I really don't like them--because I woke up feeling like a rather sick slug lol.

But as I was drifting off, I was musing about how I like it when my inspiration flows consistently. Then I started thinking about how sometimes I get stuck in negative inspiration, which naturally (or not so naturally), led to thoughts about trying to fix what's not broken.

I think that, as humans, we have a tendency to want to fix that which is broken. But what happens when we try to fix something that isn't broken?
We generally screw it up.

Things work the way they do for a reason. Ecosystems, machines, people, relationships--when they are functioning well, every part moves as it should in conjunction with the whole. Everything is as it should be.
But when we start to tinker and prod, to attempt fixing that which isn't broken, we take something that is okay and throw it off balance.
Things no longer work in conjunction as they should.

Because we have been trying to fix something that didn't need fixing in the first place.

I think that I do that too much with the D/s aspect of our relationship. And all it does is throw a wrench in the works.

And sometimes, it's just very difficult to see the perfection that is right there in front of you when you are too busy trying to fix things. Because you're so busy trying to fix it, you didn't stop to realize that nothing really needed fixing.


  1. Nice words, thanks for sharing. I do recognise some of what you wrote. I tend to search to hard to things that could be better or need fixing, and in that proces I forget to get aware of all the good things. Also I know...when all is good it bores me, a relationship that never leads to a certain point where I tend to search for those possible fixes is a relationship where I loose myself.

    Bye the way, I take a nap almost every day due to CFS and in the afternoons I fell in a much deeper sleep where my dreams tend to lead more often to nightmares or I get awake and feeling as if its really difficult to step out of this strange feeling of tireness that keeps throwing me back into the darkness I step into when sleeping in the afternoon.

    Femme Fessee

    1. Femme Fessee,
      One of the things I love about ttwd is the lack of boredom.
      Afternoon sleep is a very odd thing isn't it? The dreams are very strange and waking is just tiring. It can be rather counterproductive for me.

  2. Lil,

    While mouse agrees with everything you wrote; just trying to figure out how to say the jumble of thoughts...

    Maybe it's somewhere in the words...fixing...seems similar to improving in your context and perhaps mouse is wrong about that. But both words imply something is wrong or broken...yet improving upon what you already have sounds, dunno softer?

    Sorry for being so difficult. Probably just projecting a lot of her own thoughts.

    It is thought-provoking and will be pondering this for days...


    1. Oh mouse, now you have me thinking...Because I think you're right--improving what you have is a good thing and evolution in relationships is important.

      I think that perhaps there is a difference between trying to fix what isn't broken, and making what you have better? We all have things to work on, but I think that sometimes I get sidetracked with things that really don't need it.

      Haven't had coffee yet so I'm not sure I'm making any sense...

  3. It kinda goes back to forcing your awareness to what is rather then what is not.

    1. viemora, for some reason it seems easier to focus on what is not. But it's not very productive is it?


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