Monday, April 30, 2012

Darkest Nights

In my darkest nights
you have been by my side
as I sat and cried.
Through the tears and the fights
the pain and the fears
through all these years.

In my darkest nights you have sat by my side
as ones we loved have died
and those we nurtured lied.
As we sat through deaths final watch
and returned to earth that which brought me life.

On my darkest days you freely entered the fray.
To save me from myself and what I could have become.
You are truly my One.
Never forgetting what we have come from
when everything seems undone.

In my darkest nights
with you by my side
your lips on my head
your hands in my hair
your arms wrapped around me

you have been there.

In my darkest nights
you are the light that guides
forever by my side.

Even as I kneel at your feet
you lift me up that I might see
all of the things life could be.

In my darkest night
you are my light just within sight
the One constellation
always guiding me

Never to be alone.


Play nice.