Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do not poke

It's not wise to poke the beast. Never phrase anything as a refusal. Never pose anything as a potential challenge. Never make a statement sound like a dare. Never say "You can't." I know these things, really I do. But my sense of self preservation is intellectually challenged or something. Once again, brain says "stfu!" and mouth keeps on running.

A while back Alpha "suggested" that I find Him another woman to play with. Online, real life, not to particular. He wanted to see how far I was willing to go. And I did try. But I think I made them all run and hide under their respective little rocks lol. Fetlife made me terribly cynical. And, well, subs aren't looking for subs, their looking for Dominants. I didn't want to take up the search again (I mean, after all, I am really total shit at it apparently lol). So I suggested that He find His own play thing. But it came out wrong and sounded quite suspiciously like a dare in the realm of "you won't/can't." He raised His eyebrows and quietly replied, "you are biting off more than you can chew little one."

Note to self: do not fucking poke the Beast!


  1. LOL Daddy has me looking too! I hate it but at the same time it is amazing to consider what he would consider attractive. Lots of empty eyes out there.

    As for poking the beast...I have a bad habit of stopping mid sentence and well the beast jumps on it. Must learn to think complete thoughts before speaking!!!

  2. Fetlife, for me, is more of a novelty than anything. I really don't like how they designed there website. Anyways just be careful when working around the Beast.

  3. i did this for Sir once last year and succeeded in finding one for Him. it was the single most difficult thing i have done in my life to watch Him be with another. it ripped me to shreds.

    luckily, He has not desired this since then.

    good luck but tread lightly.


  4. mindset, yea, I'm working on that whole "stfu Before opening mouth, not after!" Thing lol.
    K, always nice to be agreed with lol.
    Clint, I don't think it's so much an issue of "working around" the beast as not actively provoking/poking lol.
    kk, thanks for the thoughtful comment. It's not high up on the list of things I want to be sure.

  5. on the vanilla side.... for the most part men that get a taste of more than woman at a time can never be satisfied with just one after that. much as this one enjoyed the company of her sisters.... that was part of the abusive situation and therefore tainted. never to be enjoyed again. like kk said, tread lightly dear one.

  6. mistybreeze,
    thank you for your thoughtfulness and concerns. I will.


Play nice.