Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say what you want

"Say what you want. Admit it." Attempting, quite unsuccessfully, to squirm my way out of it, I gave in and admitted "I'm at the point of withdrawal where I want to exert independence." Okay, partially there but not quite completely lol. "I want to be Dominated, beat, humiliated. Owned"
Bastard. Happy now?
An hour later I''m squeaking my way across the kitchen in a futile attempt to avoid being swatted like a mosquito with a rolled up magazine. And I'm thinking, this total honesty shit is fucked up!


  1. submissivebf, Well, "fun" can be relative lol.

    hidden slave, glad it made you giggle. Made me giggle a bit too lol.

  2. This made me smile, thank you for sharing.


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