Saturday, March 26, 2011


 Life is very much about knowledge. It comes in the forms of learning and experience. And hopefully, if we are paying attention, we learn from our experiences. Knowledge is priceless. Knowledge is power. The value we place on it is dependent upon that which we find to be most important in our lives. However, it loses power if not applied. All the knowledge in the world is completely useless if it is not used. The greatest and most heinous things on this earth have been created by it in one form or another.

Knowledge takes many forms and we seek it for many different reasons. That which I find valuable, might, to the next person, seem inconsequential and meaningless. It is when we reach the point of realizing that we know nothing, that we become capable of gaining knowledge. That's one of the reasons why being a teenager is such an angst ridden time--when you think you know everything, you are incapable of truly knowing anything.

Gaining knowledge is an ongoing process of learning and growth that continues until we die. If it doesn't, we become stagnant. Our growth and evolution is stunted and we are unable to live up to our full potential as human beings. How we apply what we know determines who we are. It's not always so much about the knowing, as it is about what we do with that knowledge.

Knowledge is power. Over time, Alpha has amassed a great amount of knowledge about me--who I am, what I like, the things that make me squirm, the way I'm going to react in any given situation, all the various little nuances that make me tick and encompass who I am as a person. And He applies that knowledge consistently.

Ttwd, is very much about knowledge. Not just in the physical sense, any idiot can learn how to flick a whip or tie knots (though it's good to know what one is doing to avoid physical damage). It is about the amazing abilities of the mind to apply what it learns and knows to Dominate or submit to another human being.
We dance in a delicate rhythm--He leads, I follow. Sometimes I step on His toes or try to dance to a different song. But He always brings me back in step. Occasionally He changes the music and moves our dance to a different tune. But it all forms around the knowledge He has about Himself and me. Who we are and where we are going.

Knowledge is infinite truth and possibility just waiting to be explored.

And that's it for my philosophical ramblings today lol.


  1. So beautifully written, very powerful... Thank you!

  2. "It is the amazing abilities of the mind to apply what it learns and knows to Dominate or submit to another human being." Very well said and quite true. I've never really thought of it like that. Great post!


  3. Nice, and so true. I agree, it is a dance. And not always an easy one.

  4. Histoy, glad you enjoyed it!

    Serenity, always nice to know I said something thought provoking. Thank you.

    Stormy, it isn't always easy is it. Especially when you don't like the tune lol.


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