Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eden Fantasys review: G-spot tickler

So we got a review offer from Eden Fantasys a while back. I was delighted and then the shit promptly hit the fan. So I have had the product for a while even though I intended to do the review right away. Anyways, here it is.

Alpha seems to think that the easy way is overrated so instead of picking some implement that causes physical pain, He chose a nice painless little product that was going to be much harder for me to write about than an implement of destruction would have been lol. For anyone who is not already familiar with them, Eden Fantasys sells a nice variety of adult toys from the kinky to good ol' vibrators.

As you have no doubt guessed, the product chosen was the G-spot tickler.

G-spot tickler - G-spot vibrator

It was a bit of a risky choice because my body likes to react in a somewhat nasty way to synthetic products ranging from lube to condoms; however, I didn't have a problem with this one. It's a jelly toy, so it's soft and a lot smaller than it looks (hmmm, perhaps I shouldn't complain that He picked a pain-free product?). My all out favorite thing about it is the way it rubs on your clit. Since I can't cum without clitoral stimulation, I thought it was a rather brilliant design. 
Alpha liked that it can be controlled by remote, so He could adjust the speed (being able to adjust the speed is great) without actually having to change His position or reach around to grab the vibrator itself. He said that the cord was a bit cumbersome, but personally, I didn't notice it at all lol.
I felt that it was perhaps a bit small (a whopping 3" actually goes inside you), but that gives it a really nice perk: it's absolutely freaking awesome to use during anal sex. You get the vibration, clitoral stimulation that makes you hand seem like a cave-man method, and it's not so big that it makes you feel like you're being split in two by having both holes filled at once.

Another thing that I really liked about this product is that it's easy to clean--you can pull the vibrating egg right out of the rubber and completely submerge the jelly part in soapy water. Since it's not silicone, it can't be boiled, but that also means that if you are allergic or otherwise reactive to silicone products, it's not going to burn like a bitch and create other unpleasant sensations. And I'm not sharing my toys anyways lol, so soapy water is just fine.

My one concern before receiving the vibrator in the mail, was that no one wants to pick up a package with "sex toys" plastered all over it (especially in a tiny town where your post mistress knows every box-holder by name lol). The packaging was wonderfully innocuous. It might as well have been a scarf from someone's grandma as far as you could tell from looking at it.

Over all, this vibrator is a nice little addition to the toy box And like I said, I thought it was pretty phenomenal as an addition to anal sex so I'm quite happy with it.


  1. Oooh Eden Fantasys is my favorite seller. Plus their website is fun to browse and all their toys look so pretty!

  2. Mockingbird,
    Oh I know, their site is like rummaging through Santa's Christmas bag for adults lol.

  3. I purchased that particular toy a couple of months ago. And while I'm generally not a big fan of vibes, I was pleasantly suprised by this one. I need vaginal penetration combined with clitoral stimulation to have a REALLY good orgasm, and this vibe works very well! =)

  4. k!nkyNurse, it does work really well doesn't it. I had my doubts lol, but I'm quite happy with it after trying it out.


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