Saturday, April 9, 2011


We were lying in bed. I said something I'm sure, though I don't remember exactly what. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was something sassy lol. You are mostly obedient and almost always sassy (or something quite close to that. The fuzzies you know...), He drawled from His vantage point above my head. From my happy little nesting spot on His shoulder I wasn't inclined to argue, though I did muster up another sassy statement (like how I can't actually remember them? It's an acquired skill).
The thing is, He wouldn't have it any other way. He expects me to do as I'm told, but finds constant mindless obedience boring. Of course, it's not always easy to peg which direction I can run in lol. But He doesn't seem to have an issue directing my course.

It has been a completely crazy week and I'm glad to be home...though some real sleep would be a nice icing on the cake to be sure. When do normal children start sleeping through the night, because I'm pretty sure mine is malfunctioning just like his brother did.


  1. When they learn how to sleep through the night and you get lulled into believing sleep is yours to keep, they turn into teenagers. Teenagers who sleep when you are awake and go out when you are trying to sleep, and the cycle starts all over again. LOL
    Good luck :)

  2. Children are supposed to sleep through the night? Really? Mine didn't get that memo.

  3. It's a little game he plays with me - I've got sassy in spades. When I ask how he wants me to be, how he wants me to look or act, especially in the moments I am most sassy - he just says he'll let me know if he wants it to be different. Just for grins, i've tried the quiet, demure, - you know - submissive - look - it gets me pushed up against a cold wall, or a finger up my ... Anything to get a rise out of me. So I'm left to my own devices and he gets to yank me back to where he wants me when i miss. See the fun game?!?

  4. Speaking of sass... Master and I were having a lively conversation in the car on the way home from the yard and garden store... and as usual I interrupted him and he paused and said... "Okay are you finished? Can I talk now?" a very sarcastic tone. I grinned and shot back... "Permission granted." I got a very sharp and sudden clip across the back of my head. I could not wipe the delighted grin off my face.

  5. submissivebf, Well then they had better start sleeping through the night damn soon so I can get at least a few years of rest out of the deal!

    littlemonkey, Well, rumor has it, they are actually supposed to sleep, but mine haven't gotten that memo either lol.

    greengirl, oh yes, I do see the fun game. It's one that guarantees losses on our side doesn't it lol.

    xantu, lol "permission granted" that one may have earned me the classic "I'm going to pull this car over and!?!


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