Sunday, April 3, 2011

inadvertant self destruction

I am feeling a bit less psychotic angsty today, and while I feel like I'm suffering from a terrible case of the plague or something equally awful ( am so Not melodramatic), I think I have a something to say that does not revolve around the imminent destruction of others lol.

Last night Alpha stumbled home and asked for a back rub. Since I was fairly sure my head was going to explode, I said no graciously objected...Of course, I got "the look" which is just not fair because it always gets Him what he wants. Of course, I tried to avoid seeing the look (we used to have a dog who was sure if she didn't actually look at you when you were calling her,  she didn't need to come. I had something along those lines in mind). But even if you can't see it, that particular look still drills a hole into the back of your skull so the "I didn't see it, therefore it doesn't count" theory is completely useless.
I then immediately proceeded to slam my head into the partition wall by our couch (things like that take a special set of skills you know). He found it amusing and quite just, offering me solicitations in the form of a self satisfied smirk. I grumbled and complied with the back rub before any more inadvertent acts of self destruction came along to damage my poor little head.


  1. Lol with you not at you;)

  2. Lol, yea sure. It's alright. As long as I'm not crying, I laugh at me too.


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