Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'm home for the first time all week. Now I have to get ready to go again lol. In theory, being a soccer mom sounds pretty easy, in
I'm a bit excited...because I found a job I want...It's closer to home, there's no pharmaceutical drugs involved, and it sounds like just what I have been looking for. I'm trying not to get to excited because I haven't even got to interview yet and competition for jobs is pretty steep around here...but it's well worth a try.

On a completely different front, I have developed the oddest craving lol. I've been having so many ridiculous problems with my tonsils and various lymph nodes in my neck, that it's been over a month since Alpha's grabbed me by the throat. Which is actually really considerate...The thing is...I miss it terribly. Kind of liking pregnancy cravings, just, um, "choke me please" cravings lol.

Anyways, I feel like a roaming nomad this week lol, so keeping in the current spirit of things, I've got to get my shit together to go...again.

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