Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not enough time in a week

Last week has gone on for at least a month, i would swear.
All I got is:
12 hour days are overrated, they hurt--but it's unfortunate I will only get to do it once a week.
The mental health care system here is total shit and anyone who thinks it isn't is full of shit (seriously, there's nothing worse than having a family member who is mentally ill and not being able to find anywhere for them to go)
I asked my boss for a letter of recommendation--of course, I'll get a shining letter of recommendation, all I have to do is write it (?!?)
My eight year old is currently my hero for cleaning the whole house and doing a massive pile of dishes while I was at work
My two year old is obsessively cranky
I'm almost not sick anymore
I'll be spending the night with my mom because she's worryingly sick
It's raining!
I had a mind-blowing orgasm last night
No I haven't gone completely over the edge
And now I gotta go to work.


  1. I can attest that you are so right about the mh system. I'm sorry it's been so tough to get help. Your week sounds like a bigger circus than mine:( but I didn't get an O;)


  2. Wow... you're life sounds somehow familiar...



  3. K, well, at least I got an O out of the circus lol.

    turia, it gets incredibly crazy doesn't it?


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