Tuesday, April 23, 2013

He Thinks, I think...Turns out, Life's a Bitch

I know that a question has been waiting patiently for me for some time. I promise I will get to it, but trust me--I would do the question a real disservice if I tried to answer it today.

He thinks:
"You just want extra kudos for doing what you're supposed to. You are un-submissive, obstinate, and you don't do anything you're supposed to. It's like regressing 7 years. I'm the only one who ever offers solutions, you argue with the kid all the time, I get tired off hearing it and get mad at him. You aren't supposed to do what you want, you're supposed to do as you're told. It's just like going back to the beginning--what am I supposed to do, beat you into submission? I'm tired of always being the bigger person."

I think:
"It really doesn't matter if I do as I'm supposed to--it only matters when I don't. You want submission without having to Dominate. I feel like you think everything is always my fault and I'm never part of the solution. I argue with the kid because it's the only way to get him to do the things I am responsible for getting him to do--chores, school, etc. If there's a better solution, I'll take it. But I haven't found one.
Things that happened years ago keep being dredged back up and held against me. I don't know how to help work towards a solution because nothing I say is right."

One thing's for sure--it is remarkably like life seven years ago. And it's a real fucking bitch.