Monday, April 15, 2013

Not Enough Time in a Day

You know those days when you don't have to leave the house so things should be simple, but there's just way to much to do in one day?
Today has definitely been one of those days.

Got up and had coffee.
Folded laundry.
Made Alpha and kiddo lunch.
Did laundry.
More coffee.
Ventured into the shed, risking life and limb to retrieve kindergarten curriculum.
Started cleaning house.
Developed migraine.
Gave up on house.
Started the little guy's kindergarten lessons.
More friggin laundry.
Started teaching myself algebraic chess notation so I can teach kiddo and he can have it down by his first tournament on Sunday.
Migraine attempted to kill me.
More laundry.
Contemplated the dishes.
Made coconut banana cream pie.
Tried to convince overachieving small child that more kindergarten would make mom's head explode.
Did more kindergarten.
Glanced furtively at the chicken coop and firmly decided that the eggs can wait until someone brave comes home.
Decided that I had algebraic chess notation all figured out, and proceeded to become highly irritated when I couldn't understand why sometimes sometimes it's Rc1 and others it's Rdb8. There's also the small issue of why N3d2, not just Nd2...
Decided that Alpha will clear up my remaining confusion when he gets home.
Made more coffee.
Gave up and did the dishes.
Realized why everybody at school hated me and my obsession with overachieving, as I attempted to convince small child that more kindergarten today was completely unnecessary.
Celebrated minor victory.
More algebraic notation.
Resigned myself to the fact that I'll be spending my week playing chess.
Cleaned the bathroom.
Decided to write something sweet and apologetic to Alpha.
Wrote this instead.

There's always tomorrow right?


  1. Migraine and chess notation! I can barely string two words together with a migraine, never mind bizarre algebraic coordinates.
    Tomorrow is another day, that is it's advantage, hope it is headache free and the laundry basket stays empty.
    (Shed, kindergarten ???)

    1. DelFonte,
      lol, the algebraic chess notation is actually pretty simple. The stuff I couldn't figure out was actually simple too. I'm gonna keep blaming my mental malfunction on the migraine though.

      That kind of sounds like keeping the kid in the shed so he can do kindergarten huh...
      I had his kindergarten curriculum stored in the shed. Had to climb over a pile of crap and up the side of a dresser to get it out so we could start his lessons (lessons happen in the house. Promise).

  2. Yup. As Scarlett O'Hara said "After all, tomorrow is another day" hopefully headache free and algebraic solution resolved.

    1. sunnygirl,
      I'm all about being headache free! And Alpha resolved my algebraic issues when he got home. He was even nice enough not to point out how dense one had to be to Not get it lol.

  3. God bless you. I don't have the patience or an understanding of algebra to home school my kids. When I try to help my youngest with her algebra home work we both end up more confused. Hope tomorrow is migraine free.

    1. Mrs. D,
      Algebraic chess notation is just a way of recording moves on the chessboard. It is actually pretty simple.
      We have several school grades to go through before we start getting into complicated algebra--I am sincerely hoping that my college math notes don't fail me when that time comes!
      I like algebra. Geometry however, is an evil construct that I dread with all my heart, and have never managed to understand.

  4. Oh my God, I think it's going around. Good thoughts to you my friend.

    1. SubGirl,
      lots of contagions going around these days huh?
      Thank you.

  5. I have thought quite a bit about instituting at least one naked day in our would be one day that no one would make more laundry! It might help you out a bit! Lol! Hope you can get rid of that migraine...


    1. Pocahontas,
      Lol, when our washer was broken I suggested that everyone only be allowed one change of clothes per week...Unfortunately, my brilliant idea was rejected by one and all.

      Am feeling better already. Thank you.

  6. Yep, had one of those days last week, it did get better........promise.

    1. dancinbarez,
      I slept like a rock last night lol. On the bright side, no laundry today! Okay, maybe there is one load and some rugs could be washed...But I'm pretending it doesn't exist for now!

  7. I feel your pain lil, I am prone to migraines and I swear that laundry breeds int the dark corners and in the hamper. but no one will neuter it - sigh. Algebraic anything wu give me a headache - blech

    Hope you feel better


    1. June,
      I used to have no concept of how horrible being prone to migraines is, but they can really mess with one's life can't they.

      LMAO @ the breeding laundry and neutering.


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