Sunday, May 1, 2011

Work and Politics in the vanilla world

So I had my job interview today. The caretakers are interviewing approximately 50 people (no competition there huh lol), and will narrow it down to five for the home owners to interview and choose from. Four houses, 18 bathrooms, and upwards of thirty beds is nothing to scoff at lol, and the caretakers weren't clear on whether or not I would be expected there seven days a week the whole time the owners are in town (yea, three weeks in one go is not my idea of a job I can manage. I'm still human dammit lol) but it sounds like a good position so I will just wait and see.
Ironically, when you google my name, you get my son's birth announcement, and a number of environmental articles I wrote regarding the importance of industry regulation. Google the homeowners, and you see that the family business happens to be in the very same industry. So even though the caretakers liked me and will recommend me for a final interview, the homeowners may not like my views as displayed by google lol. I figure that I'll go by the philosophy that if I don't get it, it wouldn't have worked out anyway, and if I do? Good by counting overused pharmaceuticals and constantly catering to unnecessary and unreasonable demands eight hours a day (that would be restricted to five or six times a year, minus the meds. Imagine...).

And that my dear readers, is the extent of life's recent excitement around here--exciting for me, boring to read lol.


  1. Nope, wasn't boring to read :) break a leg or something? not sure what to say to a new job lol.
    Interesting what you find when you google your name, nothing in my case.. fffewww!! hehe

  2. Yea, I'm not sure what to say to a new job either lol. And google, is great...when your name gets no results.


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