Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Damnitfuckingcrap, Guess the title, and unreasonable suggestions

 So I had a nice sassy little post put together for today because I had all kinds of uninteresting things to say yesterday and I just couldn't keep them all to myself. It has however, been preempted and if you want to read it, you will first have to wade through the lines of bitching I am about to flood my blog with lol.

I experienced a terrible tragedy yesterday--my clothes dryer went kaput. Yes, one of the most dearly beloved and important members of my household took a royal shit on my parade and proceeded to experience an extremely untimely death. As anyone who has been in close proximity to 2 and 8 year old boys knows, they are always rolling in the dirt, their clothing is small and therefor ridiculous to dry on hangers, and they go through an inhumane amount of it.
The dearly beloved dryer has been teetering on the edge of death for a while. I was not so secretly hoping that it would go to it's grave at a time when all the laundry was clean. And since there is no such time in my house, logic dictated that it should have survived until both children turned eighteen and went somewhere else to do their laundry lol.
If Alpha can't fix the dryer, I'm tempted to make sure that it rests in pieces to get back at it for leaving me. Lol. I had a spectacular weekend. And every silver lining comes with a nice dark cloud.

Now returning to the regularly scheduled programming...

Alpha pointed out that the title font I chose for my blog is ridiculously impossible to read and I should probably change it. Change it because it's unreadable?! What a completely unreasonable suggestion. I sputtered and offered an outright refusal in the form of "it's My blog and if they like it enough to read it, then they can deal with trying to guess what the title's are." Yes, completely selfless and not bitchy of me, I know.
He raised an eyebrow (you know, the one that is often a signal of something unpleasant to come), and stated firmly that it didn't really matter what other people thought and He said it was unreadable so if He told me to change it, I damn well would.
Ummm, I instantaneously became one of those solicitous and reasonable submissives who speaks softly and punctuates every sentence with "please" and "thank you" (see, it is possible for a leopard to change it's stripes spots. At least for a little bit lol).

So if the pretty, albeit unreadable, title font that I'm so fond of gets changed to something people can actually read--it was completely against my will and selfish tendencies better judgement.


  1. I can read it, just sayin'.

    Oh, and honey, when they turn eighteen, they do NOT go elsewhere to do their laundry. What ever gave you that unrealistic idea? Sorry to burst your bubble. ;)

  2. The font is pretty! And fine! At least I think so. Hard to tell since the color just blends into the black.

    Also, I think it's cute you think when your boys turn eighteen they won't still do their laundry at your house! My husband is 26 and we are stuck doing laundry at his parents. <3

  3. well maybe the font is "age dependent" cuz.. yes it is a bit tougher for this girl to read... a few times i had to back up and re read because i picked up the wrong word... well at least i think i did... still not really certain...
    and believe me when i say there will come a time when you actually miss doing "their" laundry...
    See the senility is close at hand now....

  4. Why are so many submissive women i know mothers of more than one little boy? Weird. O/ours are 8 and 10, and the amount of laundry they go through is indeed "inhumane." Not to mention that when they're together they come up with things they would *never* do alone. The 10-year-old came up to me about a year ago and said proudly, "Mom-I've been wearing the *same* pair of underwear ALL WEEK, and they're STILL CLEAN!" God help me. my condolences on your loss.


  5. your font is impossible to read however we are bloggers of the 21st century, I simply copy and paste into a word processor and change the font, voila.

    The only thing that produces more laundry than an eight or ten year old boy is ... a girl. I have one of each and she wears clothes 3 to 1 to her brother.

  6. Littlemonkey, nonononononono. Lol.

    Mockingbird, font is fine because you can't see it. Got it lol. Mine won't be stuck here doing laundry because he will have spent the previous 25 years breaking my usefull appliances lol.

    Histoy, lol. Yea, I try to put it in the perspective of when their not at home to be needy anymore. It's easier when they are behaving and all appliances are in working order lol.

    kytten, Right, they inspire eachother in dangerous ways lol. Thank you for the condolences, I'm really feeling the loss lol. Lmao at the underware.

    Sir J, copy and paste...that's what I'll say from now on lol.
    Yea, boys do seem to think it's a competition of who can get the dirtiest and remain in the filth the longest lol. I seem to remember wanting to change my clothes on an abnormally grand scale as a child so I can see how girls would be bigger laundry monsters.

  7. My word, you don't have any ability to simply be youre own person, do you? I guess he won't let you. Its sad that he treats you like that.


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