Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Several small miracles happened in the last twelve hours (Yea yea, so what if my miracles are your everyday occurrences, makes them no less miraculous. Hmph).

Miracle #1.
I slept in my bed ALL night and didn't have to get up for the little guy once. Umm, did you hear that?

Miracle #2.
I woke up next to my Husband. Yea, it's been since the last time my mom watched our kids (Valentines Day), that one of us was Not on the couch when we woke up.

Miracle #3.
My eldest son got up with the little guy this morning and kept him happy until I got up.
Yea, he gets extra cake for that one. Suddenly homeschooling is a lot more rewarding than it was yesterday when I was arguing with him over that Science paper.

Miracle #4.
Alpha woke me up and fucked me in the middle of the night and I loved it. To understand the momentousness of this event, you must know that I absolutely Hate being woken up for sex. I'm not turned on, I'm sleep deprived, I get resentful and huffy say things I don't mean in the light of day. I spend the whole time waiting for it to be over even though it's a fairly rare event.
I have no idea what He did to me before I woke up, but to say I was ready and willing would be an understatement. Instead of begging for it to be over, I was begging to cum. And then I slept like a friggin rock. All night. In my own bed!!

So, while my small miracles may be everyday events for some of you, I'm taking what I can get and running with it because I am in a better mood this morning than I have been in ages.

Would it be pushing it to send a special request to the Universe for these small miracles to become everyday occurrences?


  1. lil,

    No, it isn't too much to ask from the Universe. Those are moments that should be part of your every day life, and I'm sorry to hear that they're not. I can completely relate to the bed situation. I haven't slept on a bed since the beginning of April. It will be a miracle to me when I can again.

    Glad you're having a good day and I hope it continues. :)


  2. Just occasionally the universe conspires to spoil you... and it is amazing what a nights sleep can do for the outlook :D

  3. Enjoy the small things in life, they help you get through the other times.
    Hugs! :)

  4. Sounds like a great day/night. :)

  5. Nights like that make everything worth it. Glad you got some sleep!

  6. Sounds like you did a very good job with your kids :) I can remember how my big brother would fix breakfast, take me out in the yard to play or to do puzzles and games inside on the weekend mornings until mum got up. She was usually in a better mood the days that had happen. :p
    Enjoy all everyday miracles

  7. Mockingbird, it's amazing how much you take things like sleeping in your bed for granted isn't it?

    mouse, it really was!

    Master's piece, yep, nothing quite like a solid nights sleep to make the world seem like a better place.

    thesubmissivebf, so true, it's the little things that can make all the difference in the world!

    Minority report, yep. Completely awesome.

    Mockingbird, oh I'm more than glad lol.

    ponderouspet, Sometimes having two kids feels like having four. On days like this though, two is soooo much nicer than one lol.

  8. I was always taught - ask and ye shall receive. I think it is worth a shot.

  9. Sir J, I agree. Well worth a shot.


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