Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quit trying

We were curled up in bed last night. I was craving that particular mixture of Dominance and tenderness. And I couldn't say it, I couldn't tell Him that was what I needed to get back into my place--a helping touch, a little talk, just a few simple moments in the dark.

Alpha asked me what was wrong in that tender sweet tone of voice that makes me melt and feel really bad if I can't come up with words. I told Him that I just couldn't seem to find the path back to my place no matter how hard I tried.

His response was "quit trying then." So I did. And you know what? I found my way back.

A soft touch, a Dominating demand, a little small talk in the dark. Funny what can happen when you quit striving and just Be.


  1. What a wise Dom... Perfect. kinda like quicksand, quit thrashing around, relax and reach quietly for help.

  2. Perfect. Sometimes it's just easier when you don't try -I just found that out myself! Apart from that greengirl said it so well I have nothing more to add *L*

  3. lil,

    *quit trying then* lol that sounds like something Dragon would say. To Him it's common sense, "Calm down," "chill out," "relax"... He makes it sound so easy that I start to believe Him and let things just Be, like you said.

    I like your new background btw...very sanctuary-esque:)



  4. So happy for you! We often drown as we try to save ourselves.

  5. greengirl, Ooh, quicksand is a perfect analogy. I hadn't thought of it like that before.

    Sweet girl, it can be difficult Not to try. But it appears that sometimes not trying is what works best.

    K, right? they're so matter-of-fact about it that after a certain point it just seems like that's the way things should be. And they are.
    Thanks, I like the way my blogs looking. It's pretty. Lol.

    Mindset, yep. Fight the waves and you go under. Sometimes just floating or sinking is best.


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