Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sleeping in

When you're a mom you get two days a year to sleep in--your birthday and Mothers Day (unless you are one of those lucky people who actually has someone willing to watch your little monsters on a regular basis). Of course, Murphy's Law states that I will, on such lovely and wondrous occasions, wake up at the ass crack of dawn and not be able to get back to sleep lol.
The first words I heard from the little man and Alpha this morning? "What are you doing up??" It's a valid question because I had every intention of sleeping until ten, cozy in the knowledge that I have to leave the house by 7:00 AM tomorrow. Yea, when I'm getting up at five tomorrow, I'll be kicking myself for today. Actually, scratch that, I'll be spending the next year wistfully thinking about next Mothers Day--when I'm sure to sleep in...until 8:00 lol.

On the bright side, no cleaning or cooking for me today, which is a wonderful thing. And then there's also the nice little perk that Alpha will make the coffee.


  1. Oh I know the feeling... I was up at 4am... go figure...

    Happy Mother's Day anyway! :-D



  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    - kytten

  3. turia, Ooh, four AM, even earlier than me lol. Funny how that happens huh. Happy (belated) mother's day to you too.

    kytten, happy (belated lol) mothers day to you too. And thank you!


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