Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here we go again

New additions:

1 three year old girl.
Piles of shit that doesn't fit in my house.
1 storage unit.
1 sil recently discharged from the hospital with a concussion and whiplash from her boyfriend beating the shit out of her.
A very strong sense of "do unto others as they do unto you" (or to someone you love as the case may be).
Multiple and constant headaches.
And several very bad attitudes.

Stolen, missing, or vanished items:
1 car.
1 felon with a death wish.

Wanted items:
A healthy dose of D/s (to be found somewhere between walking into the bedroom and passing out).
Another house or three more bedrooms (preferably "affordable").
Children that behave (willing to trade three curious little overachievers for imaginary and polite kids).
1 death certificate or assurance of equal value (bones also carry redeemable value).
1 car (that works)
Time alone to be seriously used (time frame unknown but closely tied to the following item).


  1. ...and still you keep your sense of humour that makes me smile...

  2. Lil, you might be skating on the edge of insanity, but you and Alpha are stellar human beings.

  3. wow girl ... I am amazed that you still have your sense of humor ...

    ~Hugs~ (for you all)

  4. Kudos to all like you who step in and intervene! You are the second hero I know of today!

  5. lil,

    You are mouse's hero! (Breaks out the pom poms and cheers)

    You stepped in and helped, and three year old will someday understand far more than her years should allow.

    Seriously, kudos to you.


  6. lil,
    you definitely get a big medal from me, more people like you make the world a better place, everyone needs a friend like you.
    Keep smiling

  7. You have a lot on your plate, peace and hugs for you...times a 100!!

  8. I can't say anything here that hasn't already been said, but it's worth saying anyway: You are awesome for doing what you do and for keeping your sense of humor. This will obviously be a rough time for you, but if you keep your humor intact and keep your focus on each other (perhaps make a play date (in the adult sense) and get a dose of connection and relaxation to recharge your batteries.

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments.
    Been down this road before, minus the hospital visit. Hopefully this time will make the change eh.


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