Monday, May 30, 2011

One Hell Of A Look

There's this particular look Alpha gets sometimes, like He's going to eat me alive or something lol. It's passionate and intense, and it can be really hot.

But there's this other look...It's intent and detached, with occasional flashes of quizzical...
And it makes my stomach do funny things while my knees wobble and my heart skips a beat.
It makes unbearable pain manageable.
It makes whatever He decides to do in that moment okay.

There are many "looks," but this one? It's a bit new and it's kind of like stepping into a whole new ballgame. One where they may throw knives instead of balls lol.

It's one hell of a look.

Every year that goes by, things change, ttwd moves deeper into who we are.

And sometimes I think "oh shit," I am in soo far over my head that it's not even funny. But staying in the shallows? It wouldn't have worked for us anyways. That whole, "all or nothing" thing I guess.

That detached and calculating look? It's hot and it's kind of scary, and it melts my bones.
It's one hell of a look.


  1. mouse, I'm thinking that you are quite familiar with that look lol.


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