Monday, May 23, 2011

A weekend of first's--yea yea, still rambling vanilla

October of last year would have been my parents 30th anniversary. My mom was really depressed and we knew she had one thing on her bucket list that she had wanted to do for years--she wanted to see a U2 concert. So we bought her tickets (one for her, one for me, because you can't send grandma to a concert with 80,0000 people alone). The concert was yesterday and it was full of firsts for us both.

There are many people in this world who are comfortable in the city and used to large crowds. My mother and I are not among them lol. Give me a one lane mountain road with two feet of snow and the local boys killing elk out back and brawling in someone's yard--I'm comfortable with that lol.
Denver and a concert with 80,000 people in attendance and no Alpha? Ummm, completely out of my comfort zone lol. I have never been to a really big event without Alpha, and never to something that big at all. I'm used to having Him behind me fending off the drunks, not being next to my tiny mom and holding back the crowd around her. On the bright side, the concert was phenomenal, I didn't have to beat up the drunk girl, and my moms is still on cloud nine.

We got out and went in search of a taxi. my mom was having problems with her legs so I left her in a very specific spot to go find out where the taxi's would line up. When I returned she had moved and I couldn't find her. It was like being a little kid lost in the grocery store in reverse. All I could think was "shit, I lost grandma, why isn't she tall, and Alpha is going to yell at me!" I knew I would be fine, but I wasn't so sure about her.
I finally found her (30 feet away from where I left her, swallowed up by the masses lol). Then after an hour we were told no cabs were coming because of an accident that blocked the road in and directed to a rail station where the event staff said we would find a taxi.
Lol. As we were passing under the bridge and through the dark alleys of Denver at midnight I was deeply regretting my decision to leave my purse and its variety of weaponry at the hotel. After all, I could have put it All in her purse and they would have let her into the concert anyways lol. Honestly, I think she was high on music, because I don't know how else she made it the mile of walking it took to find a real street corner and get a taxi.

It was the first time my mom and I had ever done anything like that together and all in all it was a great experience--I didn't lose grandma (momentarily misplacing does NOT count), we had a blast, and made it back home fine. And hey, it's good to know that I can take care of myself and someone else somewhere completely outside of everything I know and live right.

I was acutely reminded of all that I get out of my relationship with Alpha. Sometimes I'm irritable about my place--the fact that He gets His way and I don't drives me up the wall when I'm feeling pissy and I have been pretty pissy lately (no watersports jokes!) lol.
But there is nothing compared to the sense of security I have when Alpha is with me.

I take pride in my ability to take care of myself in any situation I may be in.
Some people's parents just want there kids to be happy, some want them to become doctors or lawyers. My dad? All he wanted was for me to be able to take care of myself. And that ability is a huge part of who I am.
But nothing can replace or compare to the safety and security I feel in Alpha's presence. So, not getting my way aside lol, I love what belonging to Him does for me.

It was one hell of an experience and I glad I did it. And it's good to be back home where I belong with my head on His shoulder.


  1. What a neat thing for you and your mom to do toghether. I too would be so lost in a crowd that size, but it sounds like you gals pulled it off just fine.

  2. Serenity, it was really cool. And yes, we pulled it off. I was proud lol.

  3. Wow sounds great! And isn't "head on His shoulder" just great eh?

  4. Sweet girl, It really was awesome. And yea, that shoulder was made for me! Lol.


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